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I’m sure anyone who invested in Zoom prior to the lockdowns can be assumed much wealthier for it. I’m sorry to say we are not among those with such fortuitous foresight. Truthfully, I’m happy for their success because it allowed for a most treasured Zoom conversation we had today.

You can pick out the familiar faces that show up from time to time on this blog. But those two in the upper left, they are the hosts for this gathering. Dave Martinson opened the conversation with this statement: He claims to be Paul’s oldest friend (Paul being the father of the three Carlsons above).

We just passed the 27th annual marker of Paul’s entry into heaven. Still, his impact on us hasn’t stopped. And that’s why we met today—one+ in Virginia, one in Michigan, one in Arizona, two in Oregon, and two in California—to share stories about Paul Carlson. Dave’s memories ranged from infancy (in the church nursery) through college and included Paul’s parents and aunts/uncles/cousins. This remarkable walk down memory lane included familiar along with some uncharted territory.

Dave told stories about the three years he and Paul worked together as church janitors.

He did use the word work, but also admitted some play and naps were included.

One new story revealed sightings of Paul’s dad reaching down during church to swipe the floor with his finger to assess the quality of their work.

He remembered what a natty dresser his friend was and elaborated on his high regard for vehicles. When Dave heard how many cars and boats Ben presently owns, he could easily agree that Ben is a chip off the old block!

As the designated hour came to an end we had barely scratched the surface, leaving us all with only one option: Let’s do this again! After all, Mauri didn’t get to share the story he planned to tell (and it’s a good one)!

________ • ________ • ________ • ________ • ________ • ________ • ________ • ________

What better opportunity than this to share the Legacy Match Dave and Sue began to honor the friendship we chatted about today? ALL donations to Babies of Juarez, designated Legacy Match, will be doubled, dollar for dollar!

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1 Response to zoom zoom

  1. S Craig MacDonald says:

    Twenty seven years is hard to believe. I can picture Paul’s smile and easy-to-be-around disposition. Was he ever not in a good mood?

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