pink hair

My days and evenings this week have been made up of meetings and work and little else except eating and sleeping. It’s all for a good cause. I’ll get my life back eventually. And eventually I’ll explain what’s kept me crazy busy the past several months. So to let you know we Macys are still kickin’ I get to share this fun image.

azalea hair

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sunday day of rest?

Since Mauri’s retirement, Sundays most often are days of rest. But yesterday turned into a non-stopper beginning with a lovely drive to Marion, Oregon, an hour south of home.

2017-06-11 12.16.26

We have a bad habit of leaving way too early, which causes us to arrive way too early. So we reached our destination in time for our pick of parking places around this small church pastored by our good friend Bill Pruitt. Mauri has known Bill and Faye since college, which means I’ve known them for nearly 23 years. In 2002 Faye preceded me in my position in the NFC office.

2017-06-11 10.26.49-1

Bill and Faye have made music together for many years, but they took a break from leading worship at Marion Friends Church, where Bill has served as pastor for more than seven years, to invite Mauri to lead.

2017-06-11 11.08.15

Sitting near the front means I allow myself only one quick snapshot.

2017-06-11 12.20.35

Bill is a bi-vocational pastor, so he and Faye travel down from their home in Newberg every weekend and stay in the church’s comfortable next-door parsonage. Mauri got acquainted with Kibble, who sent me a message with her tongue.

The Pruitts took us out for Chinese food, then we headed home a different way to see different sights. Have I ever mentioned the beauty that surrounds us everywhere we go?

2017-06-11 15.53.54

Then on to our next event—an open house for high school graduating friend Gabe, who honored each of us with a welcoming hug. That’s Gabe’s dad in the red plaid shirt. You can see the interest captured by Michael’s solid mahogany (I think that’s what I heard) electric guitar.

NFC Brass circa 1996ish

Michael has played French horn in NFC Brass /now Newberg Brass for many years (circa 1996) and shows up for rehearsal at our studio every Tuesday after work.

2017-06-11 19.42.47

Back at home (whew, we survived another social event!) we warmed our leftovers from lunch and reminded the dog she doesn’t live alone before heading down the street to NFC’s business meeting. Once again, I allowed myself one solitary snap.

Do you remember back in March when I posted a short story about the “split” NFC was about to experience? I described the process we faced and presumed an outcome would be reportable on May 7.

2017-06-08 09.22.50

I’ve displayed this plaque near my office desk to speak what’s on my mind for a long time but even more so these days of late. I’ll share more when the situation is resolved but for now will simply express my relief and gratitude that I’m not left to myself in wondering how we got to this place of division.

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89 Days

Bible Reading

This morning I read Mark 10 and Galatians 1 & 2, so now you can see I’m on Day 38. I heard about the “The cell rule of Optina” through my “Women of Hillside” group. It’s a reading structure that guides you through the New Testament in 89 days: three chapters per day, one from the Gospels and two from the other books starting in Acts. On Day 1 you read Matthew 1 and Acts 1 and 2, and 89 days later the last chapter of John’s Gospel is read on the very same day as Revelation 21 and 22.

This very much appealed to me and I jumped on the bandwagon. It’s been 20 or so years since the last time I read through the entire Bible with “Bible Readers Unanimous.” Mauri and I read it aloud to each other! That was an incredible undertaking for us, and while it was meaningful for us, I promised myself I would never read through the entire Old Testament again. Make sure you heard me right: I didn’t say I’d never read the Old Testament again; I’d never read it from Genesis to Malachi again. It’s just too much and too hard. But I am loving this system for reading the New Testament, Matthew through Revelation!

Did you ever reread a book and discover details you’d missed the first time through. That’s what often happens when rereading scripture. Depending on where your focus lies at the time, different words and passages jump off the page. It won’t surprise me if at the end of 89 days I’ll choose to start again to see what other messages God places on my heart.

Want to join me? You can start today or tomorrow or next week? Use the guide above (it’s in the public domain, so make and share as many copies as you like) or CLICK HERE to find it online. Use your own Bible or choose a version here.

Let me know you’re reading so I can encourage you along the way. You can encourage me too!

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#oneadaymay 2017

Mauri and I both had fun with #oneadaymay this year, just as we did last year. (The symbol # means hashtag.) So I thought I’d share some of the pics we posted under that hashtag.


2017-05-04 15.33.12

My office buddy, going on 14 years. #oneadaymay #shesawme #shecallsmesharon #orshewwy

2017-05-10 09.42.14

When a puppy visits the office. #oneadaymay

2017-05-15 12.09.51-1

Reliving our musical past. #oneadaymay #twostories #edlyman

2017-05-17 18.43.15-1

From a different angle #oneadaymay

2017-05-18 23.43.57

Fully entertained tonight, maybe more from time spent with Gail than the show (though it was great). #oneadaymay #timetosleepnow #zzzz

2017-05-19 18.47.11

29. That’s how many years I’ve survived without my mom. Other people love me, but no one as fiercely as she did. That’s me in her arms. Little did I know then the impact she’d have on me, and it hasn’t stopped. Never will. #oneadaymay #mydadcalledhermother

2017-05-31 23.18.18-1

She did it! On to Grand Canyon University in the fall. #oneadaymay


The best part of Meal Train is holding the newborn. #oneadaymay


Off with the temp, on with the permanent crown. Zip zop #oneadaymay #itwilllastforever #doctorbrecke


She sat talking to Mauri, her back facing me. Captivating curls became the theme, so natural and springy. My head produces straight gray wisps, never more than four inches, nowadays a visible scalp. Who has a wand to wave over me, one that will make mine like hers? Oh, never mind. Thin short gray wisps are perfectly fine. #oneadaymay


Look who’s immersed in pink, and thinking in twos! #oneadaymay #twinsontheway


Mother love reflected through a smile and the lens of her sunglasses. #oneadaymay


Sunbathing. I hope she remembered sunscreen. #oneadaymay


I get to tickle that neck in one week! #andkissit #oneadaymay


Kindergarten music program in perspective. #sagecharlotterose #oneadaymay


How often does he get to pet goats! #eieioh #oneadaymay


Brother DK left home at 5am, drove to the Berg for Aunt Eilene’s memorial service at 2pm, visited a few minutes at the cookie reception, then headed back home. He’s a crazy man but also a dedicated family man. #oneadaymay


Quinn and her Babies of Juarez shoppers have been busy. This is only a fraction of what’s stored for the next trip to Mexico in June. #oneadaymay

Mauri’s #oneadaymay pictures focus on food, coffee, scenic sights, and miscellany. Here are a few for your entertainment.


[No published comment, but I’ll add that he took this while he was at Fish Camp on the other side of Mt. Hood. He didn’t fish but did lead worship with 40 or so men.]


#americano #sumatralintongaeknauli #oneadaymay


#bonvoyage #aloha #oneadaymay


#mustangsally #friendcraig #oneadaymay


[Again, no published comment, but you might recognize the Peixoto trademark from a previous post and note that he couldn’t resist buying some.]

The end.

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arizona highlights – part 3

2017-05-31 12.59.30

Who could turn down an opportunity for a private tour of Midwest Food Bank? You can be sure we didn’t!

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 5.24.00 PM

If you check the link, you’ll see there are many locations. Gilbert, AZ, is their newest. In fact, they were just getting organized when we toured this remarkable facility.

2017-05-31 13.01.56

I didn’t ask, but it looks like these tables are set up for assembly. But my interest was drawn to the painted mural.

2017-05-31 13.07.24

We were led into a large empty, yet-to-be-carpeted space to watch a 13-minute video about the work.

Here, I found it online.

2017-05-31 13.25.02

Our guide, Lauren Leverette, serves as executive director of the Gilbert branch. She is one of only three paid staff; all others — and I repeat there are many — who give their time and resources to keep this ministry going.

Ah, you’re wondering why this matters to us!


Drum roll . . .

Babies of Juarez (a.k.a. Blessing for Life) has a shiny new 501(c)(3) all its own! Up until recently its tax-exempt status has been supported under The Shepherd’s Way in Colorado. And now, through the generosity of a supporter, BoJ is an Arizona ministry — here is the connection — and the only requirement to join in the benefits Midwest Food Bank offers.

Put the two together and think of the possibilities when Costco or Walmart or RiteAid . . . want to unload expired diapers and/or formula! Quinn will be first in line to help distribute them to people in need.

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arizona highlights – part 2

2017-05-31 11.24.30

Knowing Mauri’s great interest in coffee, Quinn gave us a high recommendation for this shop in Chandler. While ordering our drinks I asked for the pronunciation of the name: Peixoto. He said it, then handed me a cup sleeve with the printed logo to help me remember.

2017-05-31 11.16.33

Pay Sho Tow, with equal accent on all three syllables. It appears I’m not the first to ask for help with this.

2017-05-31 11.14.19

We sat at the counter to get a good look at the roaster (equipment) and the roaster (person). He chatted with Mauri while continuing his work of roasting 50-gram samples in a special sample roaster (not shown).

2017-05-31 11.18.58

Mauri’s more-than-casual interest led our new friend to show us the map where these beans are grown——on a farm owned by Peixoto (the coffee shop).

2017-05-31 11.19.16

Interestingly, the farmer’s name is Peixoto! Do you think that’s a coincidence? And yes, it is fair wage. I asked, though these days it probably goes without (asking).

2017-05-31 11.21.46

Our roaster friend, whose name neither of us asked (though I did ask permission to photograph him), is not related to the owners but just happened to be in the right place at the right time when the shop opened and needed someone with his interest and expertise.

And so you can see that even a visit to a small coffee shop can turn into an adventure when your travel partner is Mauri Macy.

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arizona highlights – part 1

2017-05-30 14.55.09

Hanging around with this guy is always a highlight. Neither of us is very touristy, so our travel adventures center on food, coffee, “*shopping,” and whatever the family is doing (*Goodwill for me; guitars for him). Mauri caught a doozy of a cold a few days before we left home, but he adventured on.

2017-05-29 15.07.11

Declan barely acknowledges anyone around him when Uncle Dusty is in sight.

The Carlsons have a pool in their backyard so the parents want to make sure he’s waterproof.

I’d say he’s doing well! High five, Declan!

2017-05-29 18.15.23

I was unsuccessful of getting a picture of Quinn with her new Jeep Willys, but we did manage to have a fun jaunt in it. See me in the rearview mirror?

2017-05-29 16.23.38 HDR

A Memorial Day lunch included the Carlsons and their houseguest, Chris, who contracted in Iraq with Taylor and Beth. In fact, before they went overseas, Chris introduced them and fixed them up, as they say. What a good thing! (Ever indebted to Chris for his part in giving us Beth!)

2017-05-30 20.25.30

Quiet evenings offered a delightful warm breeze, making this setting near Nirvana.

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