in all kinds of other weather

Oregon gets a bad rap when it comes to weather. Me, I love Oregon weather. Yes, even the rain. Maybe especially the rain.

You’re right. If all we had was rain, I might get tired moss growing on my eyebrows. But really, our weather is just full of surprises. I already showed you our weather on Saturday.

2018-02-18 09.52.26

This was our weather on Sunday, yesterday. The higher elevations had enough for sledding and snowman building. But we city folk got just enough to admire for an hour or two and then it all melted.

Today being Monday and Presidents Day and a day off work, Mauri and I decided to take a drive to Forest Grove, a half hour away. Mauri’s been mostly housebound for two months now. Thankfully he’s been looked over by experts, one being the neurosurgeon who fixed his back two years ago. Dr. Rohrer will operate again on March 15, this time for bilateral decompression. It’s a less impactive surgery this time that will heal faster and require a shorter recovery. Yay! The four-wheel walker with a seat we borrowed has given him much more freedom.

2018-02-19 13.12.03

Usually that means freedom around the house, but it also means freedom to take his wife for a countryside drive on a sunny blue-sky day.

2018-02-19 13.12.15

I was semi-successful in catching a glimpse of the high elevation. Can you see the snow-covered trees just to the left of the close bush?

2018-02-19 14.15.31

I’m fairly sure you’d rather see pictures of our grandkids, but today we’re featuring ordinary Oregon.

Three days = rain, snow, and blue skies. Tomorrow maybe hail?

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in all kinds of weather


Location: Puerto, Vallarta, MX. Those people down there are Dusty and Cassidy. It was Dusty’s birthday (yesterday), and the entire Anderson clan (parents, brother/family) gathered in warm country for some time together.


Location: Whitetail Ski Resort in Mercersburg, PA. These two decided that after 2.5 years they needed a day away from their kids.

2018-02-17 10.47.55-1

2018-02-17 10.50.22

Location: Newberg, OR. Mauri and I took our first drive on the new and long-awaited Newberg-Dundee Bypass. Those drops on our windshield are part of the ambience.

We’d just come from the breakfast portion of a birthday celebration with four of our five local grandkids.

2018-02-17 10.18.57-1

2018-02-17 10.22.41

And now, as I type, the sun shines brightly through our south window. In all kinds of weather . . .

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seattle adventure

Too much time has passed since Quinn and I attended a Beth Moore Living Proof Live event together. Two years ago we tried. We met in Waco, Texas. Dallas, actually, but the conference was held in Waco. But Quinn got sick, really sick, and two years later she doesn’t remember a thing about two of our four days together.

But this time we both stayed healthy and made the most of our two-day adventure.

2018-02-08 14.19.54

She flew up to Portland, and I met her at Hertz rental. We headed up the road toward Seattle, stopping to enjoy some yummy food at Red Lobster.

2018-02-08 17.29.15

I don’t s’pose I need to tell you how much my Arizona daughter “loves” Pacific Northwest weather. But she complained only a little.

2018-02-09 19.33.42

If you weren’t there, this picture probably has little effect. Just a big church full of women listening to a speaker. That’s what I would see too, but having just experienced several hours of remarkable teaching and several hours of inspiring worship singing in this room with all those women, it represents, as Quinn put it, “a little bit of heaven.”

Twenty years—that’s how long Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell have been providing this experience for women like us. Exactly 11 years ago I blogged about attending this very same conference in this very same church with Erin, Linsey, Quinn, and Quinn’s sister-in-law, Cary. I’ve attended quite a few Beth Moore conferences in cities across the country, mostly with Quinn, and it never gets old!

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.27.51 PM

Four women from Newberg Friends also made the trip to Seattle together and without planning it ended up in the same hotel with Quinn and me. So we got to enjoy a quick breakfast together before heading back to Overlake Christian Church.

2018-02-10 07.40.51

But first—some windows to scrape. This same Arizonan recently posted the following photo on Instagram:


with the caption: “I’m really trying to have a good attitude about this cloudy day. 😁 ”

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.25.56 PM

She warmed up in the car on the way back to the conference. Our friend Lisa had put her jacket on the top row we’d occupied the night before to reserve our “best seats in the house.” (Acts of service is my love language; did she know?)


This final pic, just for the record. Already looking forward to 2019! Quinn says, “Next time—Florida!”

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I post this joke from New Yorker to get a laugh out of Mauri. I could just show it to him since he’s in the next room.

NY Times joke 1

But that isn’t as much fun. I don’t try to tell either one of his “two stories” because they never come out right, so next time you see him you can ask him to tell about the time he looked in the window of his mother’s oven and saw a huge beef tongue baking for dinner.

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a sign of our times

Remember the days we would reach for the phone book to use as a booster chair for our littles?

2018-02-02 15.19.59

This was delivered to the office today. We might need 20 or 30 of those to boost our kids now!

2018-02-02 15.20.13

We Macys aren’t in any of the six pages of residential phones. We gave up our land line years ago, doing our part in keeping up with the times. When was the last time you reached for a phone book?

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fixer upper?

I’m not one to brag or anything, but this is legit. Joanna Gaines could take some lessons on interior decorating from Beth Carlson.


This isn’t exactly a fixer upper, but our Beth took this dark room in their new house (decor from previous owner),


and turned it into this lovely, light, inviting room.




You’re probably wondering how the mother of 6-month-old twins and a 2-year-old could manage such a large project. (See how I did that? Darling, aren’t they?)


Beth uses the same trick Joanna uses——she hires someone to turn her ideas into reality!



And with no small amount of mess in the process.

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directory photo

I’m down to the final details in gathering all the necessary ingredients to produce this year’s church directory. We had a severe split during the summer, and the only way to know who considers themselves a part of our church community is to build it from scratch. So I’ve been hard at work taking photos and importing data from those who stepped up. It’s almost ready to print. Whew.

Only one problem: Mauri has been sidelined with back issues for going on four weeks now, with no solutions in the foreseeable future. He can sit without pain but needs a walker to navigate life around “514.” So . . . If the mountain couldn’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain, as it is written.


On my lunch hour today I set up this portable photo studio in our entry hall. Yes, we have a real tripod, but this makeshift stand with my stack of retirement reads plus two Bibles served us just fine. Mauri found the timer setting on the camera, we put on our happy faces, and . . . voila—


except there’s flash in his glasses, so . . .


Photoshop to the rescue, and . . .


a crop to square, and we are ready to join our community in the directory. In the nick of time!

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