can you figure it out?

Let’s see if you can figure out what is the common thread in all these pictures.

2013-07-30 10.23.10

2013-07-30 10.08.43


napkins on head

2013-06-30 13.01.55_Snapseed577821_10151503659000250_585266877_n

Wanna take a guess?

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it happened twice!

I had some fun several months ago when I parked in front of an antique store on First Street, asked inside if the owner took donations to sell in her store. She was interested enough to come out to see what I had to offer. She apparently misheard me and started to bargain with me. So I simply said “just give me a very small number.” My only requirement was that she take everything. She offered $25. I countered with $20. She accepted, and we went inside to close the deal. I walked away with $20 more than I expected.

2017-01-14 15.06.30

Today I repeated those steps, choosing a different antique store because of the available parking in front. I went inside, told the owner I was headed to Goodwill with all this stuff and would rather give it to him to sell. He came out to my car, took a look, offered me $20, I accepted, and went inside to shift the goods out of our laundry basket into his box. Win/win! Some of those items have particular sentimental value to me that needed to be released to a new owner. I got a kick out of imagining his conversation with his wife over dinner tonight.

2017-01-16 07.49.51

My friend Nancy shared this on Facebook, and I took it to heart!

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come and gone

2017-01-15 13.43.02-1

This guy finally made it home. Three weeks was a long time to be apart, likely the longest stretch in our 22.5 years. FaceTime helped us remember what the other looks and sounds like. Our life rhythms are fairly simple and give us both comfort. But just like that, 19 hours later, he’s on his way back to the coast for his final week of Sabbath by the Sea retreats. The house is quiet again, the dog too. Maybe I’ll just watch another episode of “Call the Midwife.”

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remembering edna

A year has passed since Mom Edna left this world. Her son, DK, instigated a small family gathering to honor her memory. He drove down from Washington to join the rest of us — 15 altogether — for a potluck-type dinner.


Some of us came appropriately attired to honor Grandma’s unique style.


Erin wore one of Grandma’s glittery tops along with a representation of her many pins (mostly of roses). Derin managed the whole evening wearing her clip-on earrings. I pulled out Edna’s salt and pepper shakers and her famous candy dish.


Only Rice Krispie treats for dessert would do.

2017-01-13 19.34.56

Darcy enjoyed the safety of her kennel.

whole famidamily

Here we are. I like to imagine what Edna would think if she saw this picture of her family. She’d notice that Derin and Andra are expecting a baby. She’d marvel at how much the others have grown in a year. She’d laugh at our attempts to dress for her. And she might notice I was wearing the top part of a suit she knitted many years ago. I’m absolutely sure she would see our smiles and know we’re doing OK.



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wearing daddy’s shoes

wearing daddy's shoes

It seems every time I connect a match-up, it becomes my new favorite. So I limit myself to one at a time, because that’s how the word favorite works. Like the word unique. Something can’t be very unique, now can it?

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a look at the future


Spending time with Ben is always a learning experience. He doesn’t talk much, but if I ask the right question he teaches me stuff. Together in Arizona gave us time to talk. He said something about the company that employs him — Yanfeng — developing a driverless car, which of course I need some help in understanding how that will actually work. Since that’s his line of work, not driverless cars but the manufacture of interiors, he was full of explanations.


If you’re curious, you could learn about it too: HERE.

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the book of acts

I’m so excited! I just listened to the first message of a series being taught by Luke Simmons, lead pastor at Quinn and Dusty’s church in Queen Creek, Arizona — Redemption Church Gateway. But here’s why I’m so excited: I love expository teaching; I love that Luke said at the very beginning of this message that it’s going to take most of this year to work through the Book of Acts. I love that each message is around 40-45 minutes long. And I love that in this first message, toward his conclusion, Luke talks about the offering taken at the end of last year to go toward building a church in Juarez. I love that enough was given they can not only build the church but buy the land and even some chairs to go inside! I love that Luke emphasized that “the church doesn’t have a mission; the church is a mission.”

Acts 1:1-11 – Witnesses from Redemption Church Gateway on Vimeo.

I love so very much about this message alone! Maybe you’d set aside 41 minutes and watch it. You’ll find Luke very likable, very easy to follow, very studied and knowledgable. And who knows, maybe you’ll get hooked and follow the whole series, which I intend to do!

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