chip and joanna

You’ve probably seen Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame in the news the last couple days. You might remember back in March reading about my adventures in Waco, Texas, with granddaughters Marissa and Cassidy and their mama (who was sick nearly the whole time). We were in Waco to attend a Beth Moore conference, but we also investigated Baylor University and Magnolia Market (owned by the Gaineses).

2016-10-19 12.06.32

While I eagerly await the Season Four premiere of Fixer Upper on November 29, I’ll have my nose in their newly released book, the reason for all the current media attention. Last Mothers Day, Quinn let me know their gift to me would be delayed until October 18. This showed up in our mail from Amazon on October 19—today! The wait is over.

I have to go now . . .

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linsey’s open house

Daughter Linsey is a broker with Premiere Property Group and has a lovely new office here in Newberg. They opened the house this evening, so I went.

2016-10-18 17.09.18

2016-10-18 17.09.27

2016-10-18 17.15.12

That’s Lins helping Will with his food selection.

2016-10-18 17.18.08

Can hardly believe Lincoln will be a year old in a month!

2016-10-18 17.18.15-1

Big bro William

2016-10-18 17.37.08-1

You can’t see John, Erin, Sage, and Brynn, but they came too, along with friend Tami and Rachelle (who you can see).

2016-10-18 17.19.46

2016-10-18 17.59.29

Carrying Lincoln around the office (cute babies get a lot of attention) I discovered this. (I work for this church.)

2016-10-18 18.08.33

We sat out in the foyer for a bit (Lincoln weighs 20 pounds!)

2016-10-18 18.11.07

View of that spot from the first landing. It’s a beautiful office, and I hope it will help Linsey serve her clients well.

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new shoes

2016-10-15 20.53.26

Taylor noticed my shoes and called them “interesting.”

Cute interesting or weird interesting?” I asked.


Who’da thought I’d get a compliment on the world’s most comfortable shoes purchased for $2 at a retirement community basement sale?

Trouble with those very comfortable shoes is the color. I need black shoes to wear with my predominately black wardrobe.

Shopping in stores is not my forte, so to find something as specific as bernie mev. shoes I needed Google! I found the perfect pair at They arrived on my porch at the appointed time, but they were too snug at the toe. I called to get exchange instructions and received extraordinarily helpful service! I printed off the return label and sent off the shoes in their original packaging.

2016-10-12 08.08.13

The very next day my second pair of shoes arrived. If I had two left feet of different sizes, they’d be perfect!

I called Zappos again the next day with my funny story. Apparently not everyone who calls with a “funny” story thinks it’s funny. This time I was told to either toss the shoes or donate them. She would order up another pair and issue a $30 coupon for my inconvenience. Sweet!

2016-10-15 20.54.55

Lucky me! I got one and a half pairs of shoes for half price . . .

2016-10-15 15.15.30

. . . plus these two useful shoeboxes.

2016-10-15 15.15.17

Please tell me what that apostrophe is doing there!

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the rest of my brother’s visit

I’d checked the forecast and noticed we would have a beautiful sunny day on Wednesday but rain on Thursday. Since we live a few blocks from downtown Newberg, I thought we could take a long walk and enjoy the sights along the way. We stopped by the church office to say hi to my coworkers (three were “in”) then strolled through Critter Cabana and out onto First Street.

2016-10-12 11.21.34

2016-10-12 11.23.27

If I’d thought more clearly, remembering what a shopper Johnny is, we might have looked the other way as we passed the new antique store in town. It’s a really nice one, open only a month, with reasonable prices. It didn’t take him long to find a few treasures.

2016-10-12 11.32.00

And while the shopkeeper packed the bowl and the framed “Bill of Rights” for easy travels, he found this rocking horse. Let’s just say if I lived on the opposite corner of the country and had to carry these items home, I would without a doubt have talked myself out of the purchases. But even the following day he had no regrets. (Mauri offered to go back later to pick up the treasures so he/we didn’t have to carry them on our walkabout.)

2016-10-12 12.37.37-1

Chapters Books then the Chehalem Cultural Center and lots of tour-guiding later, we made our projected lunch stop at Jac’s at just the right time for this serendipity—eating with Pete and Linsey. We love our small town!

After lunch we took a long cut past Jem 100 for ice cream then up the road a bit farther to show and tell about our church—Hillside Fellowship.

2016-10-12 13.46.59-1

The final stop on our tour was maybe the highlight. A dealer who specializes in the oldies.

2016-10-12 13.49.28

We might get a call from brother John sometime, taking us up on our offer to drive this beauty from Oregon to Florida. The salesman assured us it would make it. That would be quite a road trip!

2016-10-12 20.15.17

When my friend Deborah sent me a very high recommendation for the movie “Queen of Katwe” we looked online and found it at Bridgeport, not too far away—and made a plan.

We loved it, sharing Deborah’s regard for this inspiring story. My movie buff friend wrote: “The 14-year-old Ugandan girl that stars is beyond good…she is simply brilliant. I was in awe of her. You would absolutely love the story. It was a refreshing, positive break from the darkness that seems to be the world right now.”

2016-10-13 12.12.45

The third of three days provided some memorable fun. Johnny and I have enjoyed singing together for many years, going back to our youth at Wheaton Bible Church. Back then our mother accompanied us, but who can resist a chance to sing trios with Mauri at the piano? Not me!

2016-10-13 18.13.08

The finale included a simple meal with all the local Macys. Lincoln was called upon to ring the dinner bell. I love how this picture tells a story.

2016-10-13 18.35.28

Fifteen people around the table. My heart was full.


The kiddos dug into the toy box . . .

2016-10-13 19.38.24

John strummed a tune.

2016-10-13 21.27.02

And just about the time I got attached to this guy, it was time for him to catch the redeye to Chicago. He was heading to a 60-year reunion of his Wheaton Academy class. On Monday he’ll head back to Jacksonville (Palatka, specifically) to begin the hurricane cleanup. I don’t envy that task!

2016-10-14 06.07.22

My brother is a self-proclaimed dud with electronics of any kind, which means our only means of communication has been phone calls. Ugh. I would rather eat fish than make a call. But he carries a smart phone now, and I thought it might be worth a try sending him a farewell text.

I was rewarded with a response, emojis and all! Wonder of wonders!

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brother john

2016-10-10 17.40.09

What would ever possess me to bake a double batch of molasses cookies?

Company coming!

My brother, John, hasn’t been to Newberg for a long long time, so we are especially glad he included us on a West Coast excursion from Jacksonville, Florida.

We wondered if he’d even be able to get himself to the airport, given the weather conditions caused by hurricane Matthew. But Saturday morning he was able to fly from Jacksonville to Southern California, where he visited our sister, Carol, first.

2016-10-07 15.02.46

This is what he left behind.

2016-10-07 17.53.34

He waded through three feet of murky water to get to his garage in order to move his red Corvette to a higher elevation. It went that far then died.

2016-10-07 17.57.24

Not much to salvage from this disaster.

2016-10-07 17.56.45

His house sits on the edge of the St. John’s River. Looks like his dock is still intact; there might even be a boat attached to it.

Johnny isn’t eager to return to this mess, and especially the job of cleaning out his refrigerator after a lengthy power outage.

2016-10-11 12.48.15

To help soothe his woes we stopped off at our favorite teriyaki place on Sandy Blvd.

2016-10-11 16.45.24

A cookie and conversation for dessert back at our high and dry homestead.

2016-10-11 16.59.50

Welcome (back) to Oregon, brother John. We’re so glad to have you with us!

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last bus to wisdom

Last night’s reading group discussion of Ivan Doig’s “Last Bus to Wisdom” ended with all thumbs up again. So of course now I need to pass along this recommendation to you fiction readers out there.

to wisdom

I found myself in a position to speed read this one, finishing the story exactly one hour before our group met with a salad still to prepare for our meal together. I usually read every single word, wanting to take in all the nuances and pithy thoughts the author wants to convey. Not that even my carefullest reading translates everything to my often numb and distracted brain. But that’s my intent in reading slowly.

In this case I surprised myself at how much of the story made the transition from eye to brain!

Last Bus

I prefer this picture (over the cover) the NY Times used with its synopsis of the book. . . HERE.

Someday I’ll reread the story, every single word, or possibly listen to the audio version. It was delightful, a fitting finale to Ivan Doig’s successful writing career.

Mark and Emma

I don’t usually take pictures at our gatherings, but this one was irresistible. Mark is unexpectedly smitten with Emma, and it’s just the cutest thing to watch.

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soccer season

Erin sent a text this morning that both Brynn and Will were playing “soccer” at a field one block from our house. Yes, she had soccer in quotes along with a wink emoji because these littles are just learning the game.







If cuteness was the measure of success, these Macys would be winners hands down.

But wait! There’s more!


Sage came on the scene, having played on a different Newberg field.


Coach Pop had a few pointers (not really, it only looks that way). These guys were remembering the days Rachel, Pete, and John all played soccer on this very same field, and Mauri spent plenty of rainy Saturday mornings watching them run around. What goes around comes around.

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