is it over yet?

You might not agree, but I think it’s time to get going again. Not that I have anything pressing on my calendar. I am still content with life as it is, but I’m feeling a little rebellious now that we’ve moved out of flu season. Will my sanitized environment serve me well when I go out again? There are just so many factors to consider!

Regardless of my attitude about this whole shelter-in-place thing, we keep rolling with the punches. When I would normally take my friend Denise a birthday something at work yesterday, I put together this “something” to press against her office window. My plan was only slightly thwarted when I learned she is working from home.

Nothing about the coronavirus caused Mauri’s cousin Janet to die suddenly from a clot near her lung, but it did prevent Bill from being by her side at the end. Such a sad and premature event in the midst of a pandemic! My heart goes out to those closest to her.

Rather than delay the inevitable, Caesar got his due almost within the pre-pandemic timeline. Right now “he” needs it more than we do! Too bad the USPS won’t gain any new revenue; I used 28¢ stamps just taking up space in a drawer, like a forgotten gift certificate.

Who is this in our front yard? Looks like grandson Lincoln placing a sign in the deep grass. His mom, Linsey the Realtor, hosted a Facebook event: “The same people that created the Don’t Give Up movement have created these We’re All In This Together signs during these interesting times. We’d love to buy a sign for each of you, our clients and referral partners, and install one in your yard, if you are okay with it.”

Would you look at that! Lincoln brought his parents and brother to install our sign because we were definitely “okay with it.” So nice to see “live” humans, especially some who belong to us! (An hour later the mowers came to do their weekly grass cut.)

My friend Marianne expresses love through the gift of flowers, and we were recipients this week. They really were beautiful without this gaudy filter, but I needed something to kill off some wakeful hours when most people are sleeping.

OK, it seemed only fair to show you the unfiltered photo.

I tried a watercolor filter on this picture, but it is fine as is. It makes me want to hum “Here Comes the Bride.”

The time had come to lay to rest the salmon (not peach, not pink) walls of bygone days. So I actually accomplished something constructive. It required me to unshelter for a masked trip to Home Depot, but I’ve now spent three days doing this:

…and I still have a ways to go. The walls are fast and easy; the trim tedious and slow. Yesterday I was on the floor reaching up to paint the underside of a low closet shelf that no one will ever see. But—if not now, when?

Quinn has added 18 years since she celebrated this day with us in 2002, but she has her whole family around to yahoo her birth—thanks to Covid-19. So I guess it isn’t all bad!

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3 Responses to is it over yet?

  1. gmaalice says:

    Again, Sherry, you bring brightness to all of us! Your ability to combine beautiful/fun pictures with descriptive/encouraging words is delightful. And yes, it will be great to have this isolation thing come to an end!!

  2. Brenda S Jolliff says:

    Hi Sherry! Your buoyant spirits always shines through your writings. I miss our walks! But reading your writing reminds me of the many happy walks we have been able to share, and WILL in the future. I loved the doctored photo!

  3. Jen M. says:

    Enjoyed the tidbits. Nice job on the painting. Are you for hire? Dave and I want to paint the interior of our house. Well, we want it to be painted. I wouldn’t say that we want to do it. 🙂

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