I have very little to complain about while we wait out the storm. We have everything we need, even TP, well supplied from long before it became a commodity. We’re still far from boredom with plenty of projects to pass the time.

Mauri spent some time cleaning our backyard utility corner and found this long-lost home-fashioned apple picker! Since we no longer have an apple tree, it will be passed along to the son who has a use for it. But first, some needed repair.

Me? I continue my quest for the perfect mask. But don’t worry, I have other important things to do that distract me from the disappointment in cancelled plans for this spring. We had planned to spend last week at Harbor Villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean like we did the week following Easter last year. Instead we stayed home and relished the view of our own lovely backyard.

This morning I woke to the sounds of rain on the skylight above our bed. It would have been the Camellia Festival, and I was registered to participate in the 10k walk. Last year I walked 5k and came home with this beauty. I had hoped to plant another this year—a small disappointment, I know. Gone though was my hope to walk the 10k as part of my training for a much bigger walk that Quinn and I were planning for May. She made all the arrangements for us to fly to Spain to walk the final 90 miles of the Camino de Santiago. It was to be a celebration of my 75th birthday. We would also eat authentic Italian food and visit important sites in Rome where the apostle Paul was imprisoned and wrote some of his epistles.

But all is not lost. There will come a day when we’ll get the all clear to travel to Spain and Italy. There’s reason to hope now that we’re starting the process to get life back on track. Mauri and I were to travel all the way to Idaho (!) later this month for a conference, which was cancelled but now rescheduled for August. And we have a week booked at Harbor Villa in August as well. So disappointment has been replaced with anticipation.

You and everyone else have stories of covidisappointment, I’m sure. So we buck up and count our blessings and wait for brighter days.

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