resurrection day reflections

I wish you had a blog! I would love to read your stories and not always drag you into ours. But here we are again—me writing, you reading.

These days we’re all in the same boat, following the safekeeping rules while stretching our creativity to make the best of our situation. That was never so true as with yesterday’s celebration of our Savior’s resurrection. Did you have a chance to visit services online other than your own?

We start every Sunday with Andy Stanley at North Point Community Church in Atlanta. So not much difference there.

Well, it was a little different; we ate the traditional Easter coffee cake while we watched.

This is my church’s gathering. Not all of us could fit in one screen; it was so good to see everyone again! [I stole this from KariAnna because her pic is much better than mine.]

Here’s a church I follow online—Christ Church in Moscow, ID. (They host the Bible Reading Challenge I shared with you in a previous post.) Social distancing restrictions vary from state to state. This church gathered on an air strip! It made human connection possible in a memorable way on a memorable day.

Our local kids added beauty to our day.

And they spent part of the afternoon chatting with us on the Bluejeans app. We showed off our protective masks and shared show ‘n’ tell like in our family-dinner days of yore. Kennady showed the polished rocks he found on his Easter egg hunt, Brynn showed a whole set of books recommended by her teacher, Will showed his Lego construction, Erin showed some plant starts for their garden, etc. Mauri tried to play the song he’s been working on, but it didn’t translate over the airwaves. But you can hear the song!

My “tell” was how my computer crashed the night before and wouldn’t restart after many tries. Mauri jumped in to search for online help while my brain processed all the ramifications. After a very long and fruitless half hour of troubleshooting, Mauri suggested I connect my charge cord. Problem solved. I’ll think I should pay better attention to that small detail in the future. But my story had a Part 2. The next morning I pressed the start button on Mauri’s espresso machine to steam a chai latte, but it didn’t—start. So I jumped in to search for online help…

I got that far in my “tell” to admit that was a big lie. It’s Mauri’s instinct to find solutions—clearly not mine! Sadly, our stories didn’t end the same; there was no plug-in fix for the big Breville.

No worries—this man was ready with a solution. The deceased Breville went to the garage and in came this old Saeco, the one Rachel sold him when she worked at Starbucks years ago. He fiddled with it, primed its pump, and he was back in the espresso business.

And after a refresher course, I was back in the business of steaming my chai lattes.

The Carlsons FaceTimed me while I was on my walk, so I sat down on the curb to play a game of Old Maid using the cards I made with family pictures. Do you see me on the phone there on the upper right?

Here are the little darlings in their Easter fashion.

I started to put away this plaque but wondered to myself why. He is no less risen today than he was yesterday. He is risen indeed and seated at the right hand of the Father.

We were sorry to read on Facebook that Jen’s father died, and on Easter morning she and Dave traveled to North Carolina to be with family. Jen is a friend and faithful follower of this blog, so I wonder if we could stop for just a moment and ask our risen Savior to attend to Jen and Dave, give them safety from the virus and meaningful connections with loved ones. Thank you.

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3 Responses to resurrection day reflections

  1. Alice Maurer says:

    Sherry, thanks for asking for prayer for Jen and Dave! Jen’s mom said she was so very glad the kids were there! It was very difficult here at Friendsview to get a consistent internet connection on Easter. I think we must of overloaded the circuits. Every service I tried to “attend” kept freezing up. Isn’t it wonderful to know that Our Heavenly Father has no problems with keeping an open circuit!

  2. Craig MacDonald says:

    Yes, I can. And have.

  3. Jen M says:

    He is risen indeed!
    As always, you have a way of making life’s ordinary events so interesting. Glad you had good family time.
    Thanks for the lovely sentiments and prayer request. So nice of you. We are getting good things done here, and Dave and I are thankful that we are able to be with my mom, my sister, and my sis’ family.

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