face plate

Four of our five local grandkids celebrate birthdays in February (stretched two days into March). To simplify birthday giving last year, Mauri and I gifted each one with this:

Can you see through the plastic? It’s a ceramic plate with a face on it. Stay tuned for ways the kids played with their food.

Along with the plate came an invitation to bring the plate to Gus and Gum’s house (those are our “grandparent” names) for a special birthday dinner.

Yes, we’ve already had almost a full round of birthdays since then, but I needed to wait for the November birthday to have a full set of pictures to share. That dinner was set for December, but the birthday boy got sick, delaying the it until February.

I picked a few favorite pictures from all five dinners with Gus, Gum, and the face plate. Here goes:


They got to choose dessert at Dairy Queen or Jem 100.





Hosting each one individually was a joy because each one is a gem.

To simplify birthday gift giving even more, this year I shopped at the bank!

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3 Responses to face plate

  1. Pam MacDonald says:

    Where did you find those plates? What a great idea…looks like the grandkiddos thought so, too.

  2. Jen M says:

    Fun! Those kiddos will treasure the memories.

  3. Marianne Voight says:

    What fun to be your grandchild:)

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