My new friend Marianne texted me last month: “Do you want me to take you to do pottery some day?” She included pictures of a box and a soap dish and a fish plate to show what she’s presently working on. So we made a date to meet at Chehalem Cultural Center’s art studio.

It’s quite a place, as you can see. Marianne was my teacher and let me use her clay to get me started. Some people have creativity in their pores. My pores are clogged with everything but! Still, I’ve manipulated Playdoh with enough kids and grandkids to know how to roll out a snake.

And by the end of the hour I’d produced this lovely snake bowl (a gift for Quinn), conjoined hearts for Mauri, and a headrow (one “head” for each of my 12 grandchildren).

This cherished masterpiece is on display in my home office, the creation of Quinn from her high school art class. You can see why I so highly value it and the six or seven other masterpieces she gifted me that year. She thinks I keep them in the closet and put them out only when she comes for a visit. Not true!

So to repay her generosity to me at such a young age, I decided I’d make her an equally beautiful piece to gift her for Christmas.

Once satisfied with the first step, I set the pieces to be fired.

Several weeks later we returned to glaze our work. Marianne had a red Sharpie, so I used it to write our “pet” names for each other on the hearts with a white glaze. For Quinn’s bowl, blue, and for the headrow…well, it apparently didn’t survive the kiln.

I’d be flying to Arizona on Christmas morning so Mauri and I had our breakfast and gift opening on Christmas Eve morning. I wasn’t ready with my camera to get a real picture of him with the hearts, but here you can at least see the final result (the names disappeared). I’m sure we’ll find a special place in our home decor to display them along with all of Quinn’s creations.

I did have my camera ready for her response to my thoughtful gift. She immediately recognized its reciprocal purpose.

Now that I’m experienced, I’ll be taking orders at expertpotter@youvegottobekidding.com.

Thanks, Marianne! You’re a much better teacher than my results show and an even better friend for sharing this fun experience with me.

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1 Response to pottery

  1. Pam MacDonald says:

    I love that you did that for your hubby and Quinn! That’s such a you thing to do!

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