All day long it’s been Mauri’s and my 25th wedding anniversary. In most ways it was like most other days of our lives, but poring over my photo files to prep for this post made it memorable. Narrowing my picks to 25 was a challenge, given the amount of life we packed into the past 25 years. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to scroll down the page and share in my thanksgiving for these years God gave us as a married couple. We think he still has something up his sleeve for us in the coming years, and we’re eager to see what that might be!

If you hang in there through 25 pictures, you’ll catch a glimpse of our special celebration in photo #26, representative of the start of what lies ahead.

The day we got our engagement heart tattoos.
Our rehearsal picnic the night before the wedding.
Wedding smiles.
Part of the reception entertainment. We had a handbell choir and much more.
Cookin’ up a shrimp boil in our cookin’ room.
The big canyon.
Happy New Year, 2000!
Pete and Linsey’s wedding at Newberg Friends.
Dusty and Quinn’s wedding in Colorado.
Twin Rocks smooch.
Captain’s Cabin, where I proposed.
We do love this beach!
London Bridge is falling down (or so they say).
Thanksgiving with the Andersons in Aspen, CO.
The beautiful Oregon Coast. photo credit: HKZ
The Benson Hotel at Christmas with the Macy family.
The Portland Bridge Pedal.
A memorable trip to Anchorage, AK, with Pete and Linsey.
More Oregon beach. We just can’t stay away!
Opening Christmas stockings at John and Erin’s house.
Taylor and Beth’s wedding in Washington, DC.
Doing a little bit of the house building work in Juarez, MX.
Deer Valley Mountain Resort in Park City, UT.
Happy Silver Anniversary to us! Dining at The Jory in The Allison Inn and Spa.

THANK YOU for being part of our lives through this blog.

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11 Responses to silver

  1. Deborah Johansen says:

    Fabulous pictures…fabulous couple…Fabulous history together…God for bringing you together!!

  2. Leane says:

    Love the post and the two of you!

  3. Hannah Hoover says:

    Makes my heart happy! Congrats on 25!!

  4. Beth says:

    This is so great! Congratulations on 25!!! We love you both so much!

  5. Lota and Tim Conklin says:

    love seeing the pictures of two dear people who are in love with each other and have a love for serving our Lord. congratulations.

  6. Pam MacDonald says:

    Happy, happy anniversary! I loved all your pictures. I remember your wedding celebration so well. One of my favorite parts was your dad joining in to play softball. The story you two share is a special one and I love knowing it and sharing it with others. I love you guys!

  7. Ridgely says:

    This was so much fun! I’m impressed with the number of photos you have of the two of you! I think I can count on one hand the # of photos we have of us both! I’m always behind the camera! And how fun to see all the hairdo changes! 😉. Congratulations on 25 great years!

  8. S Craig MacDonald says:

    God is good, eh?

  9. Hullinger says:

    You have such a beautiful collection of photos with amazing memories. Happy Anniversary cousin.

  10. Mary Lenger says:

    Looks like many Sweet times. Congratulations on your 25!!!

  11. Jen M. says:

    Happy belated anniversary to Mauri and you. Such a fun scroll through the years! BTW, I love your outfit for Taylor’s wedding. Y’all clean up well. 😄

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