pick and eat

A week ago this morning I was in the ER in Newberg with Mauri while at the very same time Quinn was in the ER in Denver with Dusty. Mauri’s shingles were quickly diagnosed, and he was sent home with the prescriptions needed for pain and treatment. Dusty’s diagnosis didn’t come so easily or quickly as doctor after doctor pondered the miserable and mysterious symptoms that wreaked havoc with his diabetic numbers. Finally, on Wednesday the docs agreed to remove his gallbladder, which turned out to be absolutely needed (I’ll spare you Quinn’s description of it). But he didn’t bounce back as expected, requiring more tests that showed severe infection in his esophagus (caused by another description I’ll spare you).

Both Mauri’s and Dusty’s medical situations captured much of my attention, concern, and prayer this week. So I’m thankful to report they are both finally improving. Dusty turned a corner this morning, much to the relief of many who need and love him. PTL!

We’ve entertained the entire town in our neighborhood this weekend for Old Fashioned Festival, another reason I was thankful for this change of scenery and breathing room.

What a great idea—to hold her annual client appreciation party in this beautiful place!

I haven’t picked blueberries in a long time, so I tied on a bucket and went to work.

There was no shortage, and my bucket filled fast.

Our host weighed and transferred my berries into the buckets Linsey provided.

Somehow grandson Will found himself stuck, literally, in a muddy bog.

In due time I took my leave. This double row of parked cars winding around the curve illustrates the remarkable success Linsey has enjoyed in selling real estate. We are invited to this party because we have referred clients, and we will confidently refer you to Linsey to help buy or sell a house or real property. We think she’s amazing!

On the drive home I had one thought: blueberry pancakes for dinner.

I married a man who cooks! And he feels well enough to give me the desire of my heart for dinner!

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1 Response to pick and eat

  1. Jen M. says:

    So glad M and D are on the mend.

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