the end . the beginning

Since you’ve all been waiting by your computers for me to finish the story about our apple tree I thought I’d take a minute, while I sit in this old familiar place overlooking the two matching rocks, to relieve your curiosity.

Our friend/neighbor/arborist, Carl, did some of his best work on the old girl. He respectfully and methodically went about the task of dismantling nature’s valiant effort to outlive all the competition.

He didn’t seem to mind my occasional appearance to observe and record the process.

Given the nostalgic nature of this wood, we asked Carl to stack it where our Macy sons can claim it for their outdoor fires.

You probably noticed the see-through “qualities” of the larger ones. A clear indication its time had come.

I quickly snagged a few for myself.

Carl’s stump grinding left us with a mound of bark dust that wintered into excellent potting soil.

I’ll go out on a limb here* and show you what we did. You see here, in that old hollow apple-tree log, planted in its own bark-soil, the camellia I received for completing the Camellia Festival 5k walk. If it thrives*, we know it will need to be transplanted to a more appropriate spot in a few years. But for now, we’re going to just enjoy the whole full-circle picture it represents. Birds and squirrels have found other places to procreate, but this one lone apple-tree log will enjoy its new purpose.

Note to self: Water the camellia when you get home.

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