Last Sunday our church welcomed a new pastor. My love of the camaraderie in a group effort led me to accept the task of planning and overseeing a welcome picnic on the lawn after the morning service. I recruited lots of help, making it extra fun. One of the highlights was creating a photo booth with the Fourth of July theme. I pulled out a big flag I keep stored away to use as the backdrop and visited the local Dollar Tree to find dress-up fun. I recruited a volunteer to shoot the pictures, and she did a great job.

Here are two office volunteers and their husbands, among the many photos taken in the booth.



Quite a few booth visitors expressed curiosity about the flag, and I told them it was the backdrop for a photo taken of my first husband, Paul, when he was a little boy.

PWC and flag

Later, when I found the picture, I realized my mistake! Comparing the photos I could see the star configuration did not match. In Friday’s newsletter, I shared a link to the “book” I made of all the photos but also had to issue a correction for those who asked about the flag.

My friend Carolyn noticed the correction and sent me a note saying:

“You got me curious…. the flag in your picture (is the cute one you?) is the 48 star flag we grew up with that was good from 1912 to 1959.

There was one year with 49 stars (7 rows of 7 stars each) in 1959-1960 when Alaska had become a state but not Hawaii.

Now the flag is like the one in your picture backdrop, which was made in 1960 and later with 9 rows of stars alternating between 6 and 5 for our 50 states.

Did you know there have been 21 versions of our flag since 1777 starting with 13 stars and changing as new states were added. They have all had 13 stripes except for the one from 1795 -1818, which had 15 stars in 5 rows of 3 each and 15 stripes.

Now how is that for useless trivia?”

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