king mauri (+ 50 years)

It was my privilege to accompany a king to his college reunion dinner last evening.

2018-04-28 08.47.37

2018-04-27 19.45.53

Turns out a queen was also among the royal subjects. What? No crowns?

2018-04-27 21.08.50

2018-04-27 19.27.23

We ate well and sang well and storied well and laughed well and came home smiling.

2018-04-29 06.28.51

Here’s an informal look at the formal pose of the class of 1968 (thanks to Judy for posting it on Facebook).

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1 Response to king mauri (+ 50 years)

  1. Marcile says:

    Mauri did alot of playing around yesterday. I enjoyed listening while he played at the Psy D hooding.

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