lunch with will

2018-03-07 07.39.57

Mmmmmm! PB&J! This is our work before I headed for the office this morning.

2018-03-07 07.43.04

It was Grand Day at Will’s school, and we were invited to share his lunch “hour” (actually 20 minutes).

2018-03-07 11.14.57

Not much gets past Will. He’s attentive and precise in his answers to our questions. “Do you usually sit at the same table for lunch?” “No, we can sit anywhere unless we have peanuts or nuts in our lunch. Then we sit at the last table on the other side.”

Ooops! Neither of us gave a single thought to the dangers of what we put in our Gus and Gum bags. Mauri packed pickles to share, but we learned that sharing food is not part of the school’s lunch protocol.

2018-03-07 11.28.52

Will’s hair style is intentional, not a bad case of bed head. Along with Grand Day it is Wacky Hair Day, in celebration of Dr. Seuss Week.


Mauri is famous for his “table shots.” So I will close this little report with this “Gum” angle.

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