a week in arizona

I’ve just returned from my week with the Carlsons. Taylor and Beth are holding up remarkably well with the addition of two tiny babies to their family: calm, cool, and collected, a bit sleep deprived but blessed with sweet mild-mannered daughters. Of course I fell instantly in love with Avery and Emery; so much sweetness in eleven collective pounds is almost unbearable. I was so happy to participate in their care, though that mostly falls on the mama, who nurses both of them.

My biggest contribution was playing with two-year-old (in two weeks) Declan.

2017-08-10 09.11.07

He learns new words every day and puts them to use often. “Car” and “vrrrroooom” go together.

2017-08-02 08.25.32

He had almost-daily invitations to join one or two parents in the “puel.” I don’t mean to brag, but does your grandson walk on water?


A little fish, I’d say.


Taylor shared this two-parent production from their under-water camera.



Jumping in has recently been added to his bag of tricks.

2017-08-05 19.36.10

Aunt Quinn made a surprise appearance my first night. She’s been launching or preparing to launch her three: first Cassidy to 8th grade, a day or two after this picture came Bailey’s departure to his junior year at Dordt, and in a week will be Marissa to her freshman year at Grand Canyon University.

2017-08-05 21.32.01

This gives perspective to the size of the handful babies.

2017-08-05 21.47.41

The sleeping beauties in their dockAtots.

2017-08-07 14.32.17

Practicing for future squabbles.

Avery copy

Avery (she’s the oldest).

Emery copy

Emery (she’s the smallest). Their bone structure is the same, so in all probability Emery will catch up to Avery in size.

2017-08-07 20.24.24

Can you tell them apart? (This is Emery.) The difference in size makes it easy when they’re together. I use other identifiers when there’s only one. Ears, for one. This little peanut has big eyes and very long fingers.

2017-08-12 10.13.56

Avery has chunky cheeks. And oh just looking at these pictures as I post them makes me miss the little loves.

2017-08-07 08.21.59

I even miss this task! You can’t quite imagine how many of these get changed every day.


So yesterday Beth’s sister Tara flew in from Virginia to help for a week. Taylor travels for work and Beth isn’t quite ready to go solo with the 24/7 care. Knowing I was heading home, they all indulged my need for pictures.


One with Gus!


And one with big brother! Oh my heart.

2017-08-12 11.37.05

And since everyone was dressed for pictures, we decided to go out for lunch at a local Verrado restaurant. . .

2017-08-12 11.51.17

…where the babies slept blissfully, giving all a bit of normalcy before heading home for the next feeding.

A day at a time, that’s the approach, and these “kids” are going to do just fine with all their kids.

2017-08-10 15.47.17

PS: Declan is hard to capture with a smile, so I feel compelled to share this shot of my little buddy.

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  1. Faye pruitt says:

    They are beautiful! Congratulations, Sherry!

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