early 4th

2017-07-01 19.25.04

We’ll begin with this pan of cubed pork belly. Taylor tasted some a few weeks back prepared by his brother-in-law Ryan in Austin, TX, and the plan rapidly came together.

2017-07-02 10.10.39

The radiant mama-to-be-again after church (mass). We got to stay all the way to the final hymn because Taylor stayed home with Declan.

2017-07-02 14.37.54

He had some work to do with company coming.

2017-07-02 13.30.58

Yum! These were awesome. My son cooks!

2017-07-02 17.17.11

Only this one shot of the pool antics. I wish there was some way to fully describe the pleasant Arizona air and the atmosphere with easy adults and likable kids —— Nirvana!

untitled (1 of 1)

Meet Gary and Haley and their nephew and niece Rhys and JoJo. And Taylor.


Gary and Taylor have matured some since the days they were buddies back in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the ’80s/’90s. I liked them back then, but I like them a whole lot more now.

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