Team Eloisa

My dear friends at Women of Hillside took on a project with me to be part of Team Eloisa.

It all started when Quinn offered us (me first then WOH through me) a chance to participate in Eloisa’s passion to offer shelter to many women and children who need an escape from their unsafe homes. When we were in Juarez last Thanksgiving, Quinn took a quick break from the job site to see the land and building Eloisa had found.


Quinn wrote: “Before and during our walk to the property, Eloisa (wife of Pastor Francisco) shared her God-given vision to help others in need. She is a dear woman with a tender compassion for women and children who live in domestic abuse situations.”


Four years ago Eloisa began dreaming of building a women’s shelter, and God had nudged her to step out in faith, with no idea how he would make it a reality. And move she did! First, she needed to start the non-profit process with the name Bienvenido a Casa (in English: Welcome Home.) The property owner had been trying to sell it for a year, and offered to loan it to Eloisa until it sold. A blessing, yes, but she couldn’t establish roots in a borrowed building. But the extensive property was hard to resist—spacious, secure, with a useable building already on it. And close to church!

So Quinn wrote to several friends and family who already love the ministry in Juarez: “Wouldn’t you love to be part of buying this land, fueling Eloisa’s passion and giving shelter to many women and children who need an escape from their unsafe homes? The cost of the property equates to about $15,000 USD. Imagine the possibilities! The way I see it, we need only 29 more women willing to do one of two things: Donate $500 personally or fundraise among their set of friends to raise $500.”

Wouldn’t it be cool to draw in those I meet to study a book or the Bible on Saturday morning?

The following morning the purchase price was more than half way committed.


A few weeks later Quinn wrote: “Greetings, Team Eloisa! You knocked our socks off! Thank you for your response to this plea and for stepping up so beautifully. You have given $9,250 and the pledged amount to date is $17,250. If all of it comes in, Eloisa will have her property with money remaining to start furnishing.

“I’m still wrapping my mind and heart around what God is doing through you. Thank you, thank you for being part of it.”




And then these pictures arrived from Mexico. Eloisa and some friends went right to work cleaning and painting in anticipation of Quinn’s arrival with her troupe of enthusiastic shoppers and workers and stagers (think Fixer Upper). They hauled a whole trailer of household goods down to El Paso, then across the border into Juarez. It’s a familiar journey for most of the crew.

And zip zop—



You’ve seen Lea in other posts. She has the gift of shopping, making a dollar double, triple quadruple in size at garage sales, Goodwill, etc. And all for the love . . .




Heather, long-time friend of Quinn. The Andersons stopped to see Heather and family on their way through their Arizona hometown, and the following weekend she was in Mexico! Quinn’s enthusiasm is contagious!





Even our beloved Jesús got in on the fun.


Quinn’s final report to Team Eloisa: “Oh man, what fun we had representing you all down in the colonias. Eloisa was overwhelmed by how quickly God had provided and by all the support from the U.S. Thank you for being part of this work. It’s been such a joy to partner with you on this beautiful project.

“Eloisa and her crew worked hard to get the interior painted before our arrival. They were all still wearing the yellow paint to prove it! A welcome home indeed. On behalf of Eloisa and all the women and children who will find shelter at Bienvenida a Casa, thank you.”

2017-03-18 11.42.32

What could be more fun than mailing our checks to Quinn? Not much, I tell ya!

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