all nine

It’s time for the annual Halloween costume parade!

All the Macy grands live locally so they posed together for one picture.


This is (L-R) Jasmine (Sage), a Minecraft Enderman (Oscar), pumpkin-kitty (Brynn), and Marshall and Chase from Paw Patrol (Lincoln and Will).

The others are in two Arizona locations and Iowa so not as easy to capture together.


Here is basketball player (Bailey, on the right) . . .


Frat boy (Marissa), the straight face “his” persona. On Instagram Marissa hashtagged #thecupisempty #idrinkwater to make sure no one misunderstood.


Pineapple* (Cassidy on the left) with friend Strawberry (*would that be your guess? i’ve been wrong about these things before)


and Little Stinker (Declan). In case that isn’t clear,


here’s a different angle.

Trick or treat!

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