new shoes

2016-10-15 20.53.26

Taylor noticed my shoes and called them “interesting.”

Cute interesting or weird interesting?” I asked.


Who’da thought I’d get a compliment on the world’s most comfortable shoes purchased for $2 at a retirement community basement sale?

Trouble with those very comfortable shoes is the color. I need black shoes to wear with my predominately black wardrobe.

Shopping in stores is not my forte, so to find something as specific as bernie mev. shoes I needed Google! I found the perfect pair at They arrived on my porch at the appointed time, but they were too snug at the toe. I called to get exchange instructions and received extraordinarily helpful service! I printed off the return label and sent off the shoes in their original packaging.

2016-10-12 08.08.13

The very next day my second pair of shoes arrived. If I had two left feet of different sizes, they’d be perfect!

I called Zappos again the next day with my funny story. Apparently not everyone who calls with a “funny” story thinks it’s funny. This time I was told to either toss the shoes or donate them. She would order up another pair and issue a $30 coupon for my inconvenience. Sweet!

2016-10-15 20.54.55

Lucky me! I got one and a half pairs of shoes for half price . . .

2016-10-15 15.15.30

. . . plus these two useful shoeboxes.

2016-10-15 15.15.17

Please tell me what that apostrophe is doing there!

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1 Response to new shoes

  1. Ridgely Hoyt-Whitaker says:

    I have some multi-colored shoes just like the ones you got at the basement sale. I got mine at a 2nd hand store in B’ham. But I can only wear them when it’s 78 degree or warmer….feet won’t stay warm on their own!

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