down time with family

After our short visit with Dusty and Quinn (with a glimpse of the girls), Taylor and I headed toward his home in Buckeye. You might remember he and Beth sold their first home and bought another in nearby Buckeye, in the area of Verrado. My visit overlapped with the final two days of their visit from Beth’s mom, Trish; sister, Tara; and Tara’s three kiddos—Regan, Riley, and baby Callan—all from Virginia.

2016-10-01 18.37.40

The twins had no fear of this great dane pup.

2016-10-01 18.37.41

It was dark at the restaurant so the pictures aren’t great. Still you can see these cutie twin girls.

2016-10-01 19.50.17

Gotta have a bathtub pic.

2016-10-01 19.49.48

And daddy the shampooer.

2016-10-02 10.28.04

Yes, rain in Arizona! A lot of it!

2016-10-03 09.10.07

But blue skies reign.

2016-10-02 11.50.04

Trish, the grandmother of all these children.

2016-10-02 13.15.13

Here’s lovely Tara, Beth’s older sis. She has her hands full with 4-year-old twins and a two-month-old babe.

2016-10-02 12.06.38

Declan loves baby Callan, and yet. . .

2016-10-02 12.33.17

. . . he’s still learning the right ways to express it.

2016-10-02 12.31.20-1

All is well.

2016-10-02 18.00.37

Riley shows off her swing pumping skills.

2016-10-02 18.00.35

The twins aren’t identical but look so much alike I need cheats (Riley’s ponytail is on straight; Regan’s is slightly off to the side.)

2016-10-02 18.27.16

These attentive parents sure keep my attention.

2016-10-02 18.34.27

Declan had already used up his quota of smiles for the day.

2016-10-02 19.13.51

But the girls still had plenty leftover for my pictures. We had fun together.

And now they’re on a plane back to Virginia. The house sure is quiet with only one kid.

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