Most people are more undercover than we are about storing our drugs. I don’t mean pharmaceuticals. I mean drugs.

And not many people are influenced by their own children to start doing drugs.

2016-09-28 07.25.13

Mauri and I like to keep our supply of Zipfizz at the ready, addicts that we are.

What draws us to Zipfizz, you ask? We like it for all the right reasons. It’s refreshing, gives a natural boost, satisfies the desire for soda for only 20 calories with no aftertaste, provides antioxidants and vitamins, and fits into a narrow tube. Part of the name refers to the perforated plastic seal that zips open. An entire kitchen drawer is dedicated for storage! We get a little shaky when the supply dwindles down to ten or fifteen tubes and have to check in with our supplier—Costco, not Quinn, the daughter who got us hooked.

You can worry about us, maybe even sense a need for intervention. Let me assure you we can quit any time.

PS: Please don’t stumble over my satire. I feel safe within the small readership of this blog and would never make light of real addiction problems otherwise. 

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