double your year-end-giving dollars

BoJ Dorothy's Match

Yes, this is my annual promotion for Dorothy’s Match! You’re probably used to it, but I hope you don’t dismiss it without at least considering giving (again?) this year. At the end of last year’s match, my report included the story of Dorothy’s Match and that the match had joyfully depleted her funds. With equal joy I can tell you that anonymous donors have stepped up to match your donations dollar for dollar. Love for the babies extends well beyond our family! Quinn and Dusty’s interest in giving the babies of Juarez a better life that they have devoted much time and energy to making sure the supply never runs out.

A while back I shared a picture of the trailer they bought to make hauling supplies across the border more efficient.

2016-06-15 06.48.41

Could they fit in even one more diaper?


Supplies headed toward the storage room in Juarez!


One of the “mass” distribution opportunities. These mamas express gratitude often.


Love this one!

Here is the LINK to information for making an end-of-year donation, which will be doubled dollar for dollar. Please consider helping.

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