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Welcome back! I’ve been encouraged by your feedback about Hodgepodge, which incentivizes* me to keep it up. Thanks.

*Can you believe that’s a real word? Here I thought I was coining a new one, as though we need more words to keep track of. However, my friend Bethany has asked me to join her campaign to add her new word to our vocabularies: misunderheard. You like it too, I can tell.

Speaking of English:

2016-04-22 18.53.23


Even if you can’t set this up yourself, it might be entertaining enough just to watch here. But I did the research for you just in case you want to give it a try.


This video is three years old. I’d love an update to hear how she talks now!


2016-04-25 08.47.18

Another picture of Queen Elizabeth. It’s her reaction to recognizing her husband in full regalia as a palace guard.



This cracked me up. Get it?


2016-04-24 18.27.21

Even magazine ads are rubbing in what happens in a span of thirteen years—an entire dog’s life. By the way, we got three full meals out of our adolescent pork loin.


Your science lesson for the week. I’m sure you’ve been wondering about this your whole life.



Click here to read a cool article by our friend Lisa McMinn. She and her husband, Mark, host our reading group every month. They have a high regard for dirt.


2016-04-25 09.30.05

Mauri and I took a road trip to northern Washington last weekend and saw this in a coffee shop. We need to hang on to some of the perks of being old(er).


2016-04-14 17.43.48

2016-04-23 21.15.35

What would Hodgepodge be without a couple grandkid pics?


How ’bout a song? “I’d Rather Be Me” © Mauri Macy


2016-04-25 19.55.20

Not your average trailer. This one was an early birthday present to Quinn from Dusty. She loves it so much she wants to sleep in it. Instead, she’ll start loading the 35,029 diapers collected this week for Babies of Juarez in a contest between classes at Gilbert Christian School. The winners get a pizza party! June is the next scheduled border crossing with supplies for the Babies. Can she wait that long?


Speaking of birthdays, Q’s is Monday.


She’s exactly 30 years and one day younger than her dad. Tomorrow would have been his 75th birthday, which means Q will be _____. I think celebrating his birth in some significant way is more important to her than her own celebration.

Perhaps they are openings


A book recommendation: Neverhome by Laird Hunt. We read it for our reading group and will be discussing it tonight.



Mauri liked this.




And finally, a lovely piece of art by my friend Gail Tussing Woodard.

Gail Tussing Woodard art


Have a great week!

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