new arrival

Pete and Linsey had it all planned out. Yesterday they closed on their “new” house, today new carpet would be installed upstairs while the movers did the heavy lifting, tonight Linsey’s mom would arrive, tomorrow after church we’d all pitch in to move the small stuff and get everything settled, and early Monday morning they’d head to the hospital to have a C-section delivery of their new son.

2015-11-21 09.08.11

Lincoln Knox Macy had a different plan. He let Linsey know about it late last night, and at 2:07 this morning the world got a little brighter.

2015-11-21 09.07.03

I felt bad that Linsey’s mom didn’t get to spend Lincoln’s first day with him, but because she didn’t—I did!

Sherry and Lincoln

Which is why I was around to take so many pictures. Erin took this one. Lincoln expresses his opinion.

2015-11-21 11.36.31-1

The new mama took this one of Gum meeting his new grandson.

Mauri and Lincoln


A room full of Macys and a couple of Williamses.

Will puts sticker on Lincoln

Will thinks his brudder needs a sticker on his hat.


The uncles admire.

Erin and Lincoln

The aunt too.


Brynn has a turn.

family of four

Family of four!

2015-11-21 18.15.58

Welcome to the family, Lincoln! We couldn’t love you more.

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2 Responses to new arrival

  1. Ridgely says:

    No matter how often it happens, a new life is still a miracle that melts the heart!

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