1948-639 Hale St Wheaton IL after strong wind blew down tree

My family lived in this house in the late ’40s. It sat on the corner of Hale and Roosevelt Road (a thoroughfare) in Wheaton, IL.


My older siblings and I looked like this just before we moved to a house my dad built on the other side of town. I’m guessing it was a sunny day.

1948-back side of 631 S Hale Street Wheaton IL South Side Park is flooded

It was waterfront property only when the park behind our house flooded.

See our rabbit hutch?

1947-Carol Sharon Johnny Carole Mikesell backyard rabbit hutch at 639 S Hale St Wheaton IL

Yes, a rabbit hutch. My brother and his friend didn’t appear to have a germ phobia.

There isn’t much of a story here; I was too young to remember much about those days. But I thought I’d share this old house because it’s still there! Whenever I visit Wheaton I take a driving tour of all my Wheaton homes, from all the way up to the late ’60s, just to keep tabs on them. They’re all still there! And this one is for sale. Trust me, if I had a reason to move back to Wheaton, I would buy that house.


I think it looks pretty good, don’t you?

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