the more things change the more they stay the same

This is a photo story that illustrates the post title and well-used expression: The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

q at sink

Let’s begin with this photo of Quinn as a child. When I shared this pic on Facebook a while ago, someone commented that she needed to wear some pants. But back in the ’70s, it was perfectly acceptable and very cute for little girls to wear short dresses that allowed their undies to show. No one thought a thing about it.


We plopped our babies (this one’s Ben) in the center of a crib whose slats were nearly a head’s width apart. And we held them in our laps in the front seat of the car.


I dressed Ben as an Indian for Halloween.


And Quinn as a witch!

Quinn driving VW

We let her drive our old, rusty VW. (Not really, but I couldn’t resist including this cute pic.)

Easter clothes

They dressed up for Easter Sunday. Stylin’!


Taylor played with firearms.


And rode his bike recklessly without a helmet.


The kids walked to school.


We let Taylor dress like a woman. (Right, guys do that now.) Actually, he humored me but then changed into something ghoulish for the streets that particular October 31.


We let the kids as older youth jump from the garage roof into the pool.

That’s a lie. We didn’t let them, they just did it anyway when we weren’t home.

Nearly every one of my examples would not be acceptable today. Of course changes for our little darlings’ safety are valued. And I won’t bloviate about the way I liked things better back in the day. But here’s one thing I don’t see changing, but staying very much the same.

Taylors progress chart

The chart! I’ve endured a lot of teasing from my children for the charts I made for them when they were kids. But look!

printable parenting charts

This offering comes from Thirty Handmade Days, but just Google “printable parenting charts” to find every conceivable chart under the sun.

Like I said, the more things change the more they stay the same. I see that I’ve already written a post with this title. After I click “Publish” I’m going to go check it out.


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