number six

While we waited three hours in pre-op this morning, Mauri would wake from his “drug-induced stupor” to chat with me about this and that. One of our conversations was to compare notes about the surgeries that dot our histories. At that moment we were tied—five each. I’ve had a hysterectomy, a tympanomastoidectomy (that’s when they cut my left ear off and put it back on too low), an ankle break repair, ankle hardware removal, and a lumbar L4-L5-S1 fusion. Impressive, right? He’s had three—count them, three—hernia repairs (one a double with mesh), two knee replacements, and with today’s surgery he surpasses my record with number six—a lumbar L4-L5 fusion.

Surgery waiting

Here’s where I spent my day. It was quite pleasant, actually, and I was extra glad to be here because the whole thing might have been called off, no, postponed. Last night Mauri came down with a bug that felt a lot like a common cold. Since it was elective surgery, the anesthesiologist wouldn’t consider putting him under if he had a fever or a productive cough. TMI? Well, you already know the rest of the story, but I just need to say that friends and family (who knew) prayed. Anyone waiting for an upcoming surgery surely knows why we didn’t want to put it off. So we are grateful and relieved that it could happen today!

I just talked with the doc. The surgery (the easiest part for Mauri) went well, and he’ll be in recovery for another hour or so. You could pray now that these next dreaded days will go quickly and without glitch.

Maybe I’ll let him hold the surgery lead for a while. I’m not that competitive.

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2 Responses to number six

  1. Ridgely says:

    Yay for answered prayer! Wow, you two are keeping the insurance companies very happy! I can’t beat you, only had a tonsillectomy, and back surgery. That’s enough and hopefully all!

  2. Dolly Emerson says:

    Oh!!!!….now I see this! 😉

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