halloween fun

While a couple of our grandkids have graduated from dressing up for Halloween to dressing up for prom, these six (plus two parents) still enjoy the costume fun.


Way out in Philadelphia, Oscar dresses as a paleontologist. He “digs” dinosaurs!


Paul is a viking from Arizona, not Minnesota.


It’s no surprise that Cassidy and her joined-at-the-hip friend Maycee would want to be Thing 1 and Thing 2.


And through no preplanning (that I know about), Cassidy’s cousins here in Oregon, Sage and Brynn, headed downtown to trick-or-treat as Thing 1 and Thing 2. The Seuss-y parents tagged along.


And finally the caboose — No! he’s the conductor! I wish you could hear him shout (with his inside voice): “ALL ABOARD!”

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1 Response to halloween fun

  1. So sweet! Can’t believe how big they’re all getting! And Cassidy looks like a young lady! I hardly recognized her!!! 🙂

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