Photo 9

About four years ago I played around with the Photobooth software on my computer, having some good laughs at my own expense.


Today I had a good excuse to pull up Photobooth again. Weird, huh? Hahahaha!

Only thing is—this was my real face. Even my eye was numb, so thorough was my dentist in his administration of Novacaine. No complaints from me. He was about to canal a root. Throughout the process he took several opportunities to remind me this was a six-year molar, the biggest tooth in my mouth, and also the oldest….a very old tooth, he said. But other than the suggestion that my 68-year-old self is in fact aging, the procedure was relatively pain free, and I was happily on my way back to the office in just over an hour.

2014-02-24 16.28.43

At work my coworker chided me for returning for the final hour of our workday and sent me home. Mauri cheered me with this care symbol and had searched for the West Wing episode (15), in which CJ had a root canal and talked funny, for us to watch while we ate dinner.

What some people will do for a little attention.

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