white stuff

I moved to Oregon to get away from this stuff. And for the most part I’ve succeeded. Snow is a rare occurrence, which means the Oregon natives take full advantage of the fun factor. And I can’t blame them.

2014-02-07 14.24.57_Snapseed

It is pretty, huh? And I do love the way life slows way down. The office closes. Mauri builds a fire and cooks breakfast for me.

2014-02-07 14.31.27

I have a good reason to own boots.

2014-02-07 14.37.49

And Mr. Darcy will happily watch her animal friends from the warm side of the window.

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2 Responses to white stuff

  1. Gloria says:

    Sherry, I understand your motive for moving since we are at the 85″ mark so far this winter. It never stops! We get some snowfall almost every day which makes it always look clean and beautiful, BUT we are SO anxious to warm up and begin the inevitable thaw. Enjoy looking at your snow from the inside out, and think about us Michiganders once in a while.

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