turkey day

Since we work on Christmas Eve, the church gives us Christmas Day and Christmas Day After off. And since I didn’t travel to Arizona on Christmas Day as I’ve done for the past couple of years, I made a plan to use my extra day for cooking a “Thanksgiving” dinner, just for the two of us. And since I haven’t prepared a turkey dinner with all the traditional fixings in years, I wondered if I could still pull it off. Quinn assured me it would be like riding a bike. Not literally. Like riding a bike.

2013-12-26 07.53.12

Lest you worry, I’ll assure you this post is not to share my step-by-step process.

2013-12-26 13.09.08

This is all you get. But it will illustrate my efforts were successful. And it produced (with some help from me) the most delicious turkey gravy I’ve ever made or tasted.

2013-12-26 13.37.50

…which you’ll notice I used to smother nearly everything on my plate.

2013-12-26 15.01.47

And now Mauri has the carcass soaking in water with a little apple cider vinegar with carrots and celery and onion. After a while he’ll turn the crockpot on low overnight in order to produce some to-die-for turkey stock. We probably won’t put the remains out in the woods to feed nature like Lisa McMinn did with her Thanksgiving turkey, but we’ll still feel good that nothing went to waste.

There wasn’t much about this meal that fit our Paleo lifestyle, so we’re on a prescribed hiatus for just a few days. That can only mean one thing: pumpkin pie and whipped cream for dessert!

Add on:

turkey stock

The following morning I went to work, leaving behind the glorious smell of turkey, still in the house from the overnight stock. Mauri e-mailed this picture to me at work, titling it “Liquid Gold.”

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1 Response to turkey day

  1. Ridgely says:

    So, so proud of you! I was just thinking the other day that it’s probably been 20 years since I made a turkey, we have always been “someplace else” for Thanksgiving, either Yakima or, now, DesMoines (WA, not Iowa!). This will be the pattern as long as Wally’s Dad is still alive. Will I remember how to do this…not too sure!

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