“don’t heat that”

This morning as I peeled my hard-boiled egg for breakfast, Mauri quickly cautioned — “Don’t heat that!”

You might wonder why this is newsworthy.

Reverse time by a couple of days to our pastoral team retreat, held at a beautiful vacation home down in Waldport, on the Oregon Coast, owned and offered by a couple in our NFC community. Ten of us were seated around the large table overlooking the ocean, being served a sumptuous breakfast prepared by Susan Fawver and her sidekick, Gary. Mauri had popped his peeled egg in the microwave because that’s the way he rolls. He rejoined the rest of us without fanfare—at least that was his intention. But when he poked his spoon into the egg, we were all—but more than anyone, the culprit—startled by a loud and fast WHUUUMP!

And the explosion.

2013-10-01 08.13.07

Egg schrapnel everywhere! Steve measured a nine-foot radius. In his juice, all over the table…

2013-10-01 08.13.07_Snapseed_Snapseed

all over him and those of us nearby.

Mark McMinn, who joined our retreat to facilitate discussions, suggested this is what happens when the government shuts down.

As you might imagine, this incident inspired multiple references—and quite a bit of laughter—throughout our days together, though it didn’t capture all of our attention.

2013-10-01 11.35.16

Teammate Eric was a point of interest. I know it looks like I caught him mid-turn, but no, he was posed like this, trying to warm his feet at the fire.

2013-10-01 11.48.44

And another warming pose while he read his phone.

2013-10-01 12.39.06

We had time for contemplation.

2013-10-01 17.13.24

Time with our gadgets.

2013-10-01 12.37.54

Time to be served.

2013-10-01 12.37.24

Time for tasks.

2013-10-01 18.54.23

Time to appreciate the beauty of creation.

2013-10-02 10.48.58

And after we posed for this picture, it was time to get back to work!

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3 Responses to “don’t heat that”

  1. Eric Muhr says:

    These photos make me laugh. I like that.

  2. Ridgely says:

    Physics….gets ya every time!

  3. Janet Strokosch says:

    God’s work of art still wins every time!

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