things wear out

2013-08-20 21.10.10

I guess I’m a little attached to the pots and pans that have served me so well since 1966.


They’ve entertained grandbaby


after grandbaby


after grandbaby. But you notice after all that use one of the lid knobs finally wore out. What to do? We thought about having it welded back on. But then I thought to check eBay and there was just the right lid for $10.

2013-08-20 21.11.38

Score! A nearly new shiny lid.

Two days later, I was walking through our local Goodwill store and happened upon…

2013-08-20 21.12.39

this. I bought it of course. Should I feel glad about this find—or bummed?

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2 Responses to things wear out

  1. Janet Strokosch says:

    Very glad…another back-up is a good thing with all those adorable grandbabies that will continue to make beautiful music for you and Mauri!

  2. Donna says:

    Good to know, I’ve had mine for 38 years!

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