phone photos

I carry a camera some of the time, but I carry my phone all of the time. My phone takes really good pictures. Plus, and this is a really big plus, all the pictures I take with my phone are instantly uploaded to a folder in my Dropbox. All of this probably adds up to me favoring the convenience of phone pics. For example…

2013-05-10 08.26.28

As I walked through the hospital this morning from x-ray to neurosurgeon’s office, this sign caught my attention.

2013-05-10 08.27.22

She blends right in with her environment.

2013-05-10 09.41.15

Out came my phone to capture this look at the hardware that holds me together. The difference in me and my outlook on the future is phenomenal.

2013-05-10 12.00.53

Headed back to the office after delivering the Friday newsletter to residents at the retirement community—look who’s out riding his bike with two functioning knees!

2013-05-10 13.23.56

I walked past this beautiful azalea bush outside the office door. Click.

2013-05-10 18.58.02

While we wait for our burgers at Alf’s. Can you hear the traffic zooming past us? My phone camera is good, but not quite that good.

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2 Responses to phone photos

  1. Deborah J. says:

    I am so very glad to hear that the surgery has succeeded and that you are feeling much much better. I have been kind of holding my breath to see how you were doing! Oh, and I love all your pictures and stories from back east etc.!

  2. Mary Schrock says:

    Wow, you were in McMinnville….Alf’s! Only a few blocks from my house! Glad to hear your surgery was successful!!!

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