bracing myself

I chuckled to myself this morning as I stood in my closet, choosing what I would wear to my three-week followup appointment with the surgeon. As though it mattered—when the brace I’m required to wear will be my main fashion statement from now until May 7, three months post op.


I know it seems odd that someone who blogs doesn’t like attention. But weeks back, as I described to my teammates my upcoming surgery plans, my one dread was the brace I’d have to wear because of the attention it will draw.


There’s just no way to hide it, so I will wear it with head held high.

My recovery has gone very well! I’m now released to return to work part time, ride my stationary recumbent bike, walk any distance my energy allows, drive, even sleep on my stomach! Several days ago I enjoyed watching some YouTube videos of lumbar fusion and can now understand why the recovery process is so slow. There was quite a bit of hammering involved. But I’ll be turning cartwheels soon enough; I just need to be patient.

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8 Responses to bracing myself

  1. Cheryle Takacs says:

    I continue to pray and you are lifted up during prayer at Bible study on Tuesday. You look wonderful. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

  2. Melanie says:

    The idea of hammering on one’s spine puts my teeth on edge–so glad you are recovering well!

  3. LizW says:

    Lookin’ good!!! And I can’t wait to see those cartwheels 😉

  4. Jere Witherspoon says:

    I can relate. My knee brace draws attention and I have to watch my attitude about it. Some people don’t notice it the first, second or third time they see it. Then they are all about noticing it. I’ve been wearing it for over a year. My heart goes out to you but if the brace provides healing…wear it with pride! 🙂

  5. Quinn Anderson says:

    You look absolutely beautiful to me.

  6. Laura G says:

    You do look great! Thanks for the post – I was just thinking about you on the drive home wondering how the recovery is going. Think of all the cool things you could tell people the brace is for – I could just hear you telling someone its your battery pack or something like that.

  7. Fantastic! You look great! I love the hair cut short–must not have noticed that shorter length. Just happy to see you up and looking so fit.

    Just remember you could model your brace look for a fee! Perhaps you’ll get an offer.
    Still praying for daily strength and recovery!

  8. Jeff Rickey says:

    You are ready for the runway, dear Sherry! The fashion runway, not the airport one!

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