old maid revisited

I’ve improved my method for making the grandkids’ Old Maid games. The first set was literally thrown together from the scrap of an idea in time to mail them off for the Anderson girls’ school Grandparent Day. They are not my finest work (though they have certainly been used and enjoyed)! Next I made a set (with different family pictures) for grandson Oscar’s first birthday. Our grandkids are all precocious, of course, but Oscar wasn’t quite ready to actually play Old Maid at age one. The idea was more to get the faces out there so he could “know” his family, even though many/most of us live far away.

So now that Sage is 20 months old, I thought it was time to make her a set.


The biggest improvement in my system was to customize the back of the cards and print them two-sided.


Easy peasy!


Sage has a big family and lots of names to learn.


Even a snazzy box!

I digress.

Ben C'mas 1970

I’ve come a long way from Christmas Eve of 1970, when I tossed and turned the entire night too excited to sleep over what I expected would be Bentley’s response to finding his first tricycle waiting under the tree. Not a wink. Reality bites. It took two parents to get this picture of him on the bike. And it might have been months before he showed any interest in it at all.

I forgive you, Ben.


So Sage’s semi-interest in the cards didn’t throw me; I was cool. I didn’t press. But she’s cool too. By the time her parents returned from their date, she was matching Gus with Gus, Mama with Mama, Mr. Darcy with Mr. Darcy.


Two weeks later her daddy got her to show off how well she knows her family faces.

She’s a genius, what else can I say?

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2 Responses to old maid revisited

  1. Cheryle Takacs says:

    love it….have a happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

  2. You are just so cool to dream up such amazing ideas! Well we all knew that you were talented—and clever. Loved the great idea!
    Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving!

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