a big day

On the first day allowable for his age, Bailey, (grandson #1) did this:

Bailey's driver permit

He passed a test and got his driver permit. Next, he accomplished this:

Bailey National Honor Society

He earned entrance into the National Honor Society. And today—today he turned 16, passed a test, and got this:

driver license

He’s all smiles, and so are we. Happy birthday, Bailey! And congratulations on all your accomplishments.


Knowing Bailey, I’m sure he won’t mind sharing the birthday limelight with his mom and two uncles.

Birthday 16 could mean only one thing for the Carlson kids—showing up at the secretary of state office (that’s Michigan’s equivalent to Oregon’s DMV) the moment it opened to take their driving test.


Here’s Ben. Note the keys on the table.


Keys to this! A “$150 gem aka ’73 Duster.” (I had to update this post after Ben corrected my memory of his first car.)


Then Quinn turned 16.


Of course, she needed a car too. Notice the red “bow.”


Taylor’s sign says, “Here’s a cheer for Taylor, the last of the Carlson drivers. May you have a safe, trouble-free, ticket-free life. Happy 16th birthday!”


Apparently he inherited Quinn’s car, rust and all. That’s Michigan for you!

They all turned out to be high-mile drivers. I will hope and pray that Bailey is blessed equally with safety on the roads in the years to come.

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  1. Cheryle Takacs says:

    aaaaaah…how time flies.

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