Mauri and I don’t hold to convention when it comes to meal planning.

One of us usually asks the other: “So, what are we fixing for dinner?”

“What’ve we got?” is often the response.

We haven’t felt the need to alter our method, since it works for us. But we aren’t so set in our (non)system that we couldn’t give a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) a try. So we signed up for a half-share of the summer program with Mustard Seed Farms, owned and operated by our friends Dave and Nancy Brown, a.k.a. “Farmer Brown and His Mrs.”

photocreditBeth Woolsey

There he is, Farmer Brown, showing a class of littles what he grows on his land. Beth Woolsey took this picture and put it on Facebook, which is where I swiped it. (You don’t care too much, do you, Beth?)

Every Tuesday afternoon one of us drives down the block to pick up our share of the week’s harvest. Here’s this week’s (half) share:


Let’s see, we have three ears of corn, a green pepper, a seedless watermelon, some red potatoes, an acorn squash, and uh, any idea what that other stuff is? Thankfully, the farmers send an e-mail the day before pickup describing what’s coming.

“If you are new to our CSA you may or may not be familiar with romanesco broccoli. We call it our ‘weird’ crop because of its conical green shaped head, with each floret shaped the same.”

We ate it tonight. We survived. So far.

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1 Response to csa

  1. Bethany says:

    We LOVE romanesco for its fractally goodness. It’s amazing to look at under a microscope (oh, and delicious with gruyere cheese sauce too:-)

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