water water and then some

Quinn and her five flew up from Phoenix yesterday to hang out here in Newberg a few days before we head out to the coast for some more family fun. They got to meet Will for the first time last night, which in itself is worth the travel from Arizona.


Today I got to take the Anderson kids to Evergreen Wings and Waves, a waterpark extraordinaire.


It’s all indoors so no sunblock required. All the slides originate in that airplane up on the roof, so lots of stairs to climb—multiple times. My role of observer was exhausting.


The park is educational too.


Waiting for waves. We stayed five hours!


We came home to chill until it was time to get teriyaki takeout. Hmmmm. Who suggested we pick some apples from the ancient gravenstein in the backyard? And then whose idea was it to bake a pie for dessert?

Other hands got involved. Mauri volunteered to peel; Linsey and Quinn helped with the measuring; I did my fair share.


Tomorrow we will write up our business plan.

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1 Response to water water and then some

  1. Ridge says:

    Ymmm…Gravenstein’s are the best pie apples…and applesauce apples! I am so sad I will miss you all next week. I arrive Monday afternoon and leave Friday morning…drat!

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