beacon drive-in

Can you bear with one more road-trip story?

Despite driving through my old stomping grounds from another life, we didn’t dwell on the past. However, there was this one restaurant I remembered from days gone by, one Paul raved about when he would return from his business trips to Spartanburg, SC, where he published a Homes & Land magazine. Our family managed to only eat there one time, but it stuck in my memory enough to think it would be fun to include it in our food quest. Spartanburg was on the way back to Atlanta, after all, so why not?


Quinn had taken her kids to Beacon Drive-In only the night before.


Their enthusiasm didn’t help our hesitation upon arrival at the slightly antiquated eating establishment.


You’d think the fact that Guy Fieri, from Triple D, had been there would encourage us.


We got there before the dinner rush, thankfully, because we needed time with the menu on the wall. Once the place gets going, this guy and the other workers start barking at the customers. It’s part of the Beacon experience. No Southern hospitality dished out here.


We might give the food a FIVE.


On our way out we had to walk past this row of published offerings.


It reminded me of my experience publishing real estate advertising magazines.


Down the row outside Beacon Drive-In we noticed the magazine Paul used to publish, available from a slightly more sophisticated distribution box!



And this, my friends, depletes my road-trip stories. Already looking forward to the next one. We’d better get it on the calendar!

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1 Response to beacon drive-in

  1. Janet Strokosch says:

    And I will eagerly be waiting to hear all about it! Sending love and prayers to the Happy Travelers.

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