the weavers

We’re well into regular life again but still smiling on the inside about the fun we had on our recent travels to the Southeast. So before we get too far into the next thing, I need to back up to share a couple more road-trip stories.

Nearly two years ago I wrote about Mauri’s and my four months as part of a YFC Teen Team in Asia back in the ’60s. We’ve stayed in touch with one of the team members, Wes Weaver, through the years. When we found ourselves in his neck of the woods on our road trip we couldn’t resist asking Mauri’s phone to find Wes and Pat’s home. We took our chances they’d be home and lucked out. If only I had my camera ready to capture Wes’s expression when he answered the door and almost immediately recognized who stood on his porch!

You know how it feels to see someone you haven’t seen in years and years.



You just look and listen and remember and smile and look some more.


And you learn things about your friends that you didn’t know (even though you read their Christmas letters every year).


Turns out Wes has a hobby.



When you drop in unexpected, it isn’t polite to stay too long. So after a few photos and a few more stories we were on our merry way, feeling fairly sure they were just as happy about the visit as we were.

– – –


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1 Response to the weavers

  1. Marcile says:

    Great story. I love it when folks have the courage to “just stop by”.

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