Raising chickens is all the rage around these parts. Several of our acquaintances meet with varied levels of success in this regard. Some choose their breed based on the color egg they produce. Some feel betrayed when what they thought would be a hen, turns out to be a rooster. City codes limit number and gender for some. I know of at least three who name their chickens and even claim to love their chickens.

All of this is perfectly fine with me as long as chickens don’t live in my back yard.

Just yesterday a friend was surveying the dog run that connects our backyard to our neighbors and proclaimed it an ideal place for chickens. What is it about chickens?

Obviously, I’m a city girl. Keeping a bin of composting worms is a stretch for me. I mean, even they have to be fed. I come from citified kin, or so I always believed until one recent day I paged through an old old album of family pictures and came across this one, captioned: “Carl and his chickens.” My dad had chickens?!

1920-Carl with his chickens

Just when you think you know someone….

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4 Responses to chickens

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    Of all the animals on our “farms” chickens were our favorite. But they were never pets, ’cause I don’t chop the heads off of my pets. Truly fresh eggs are a whole different (better) experience and the flock dynamics are fascinating. The early dawn crowing of a proud Rhode Island Red makes any morning a bit better.

  2. Mona Steiner says:

    This doesn’t surprise me one bit. He always was doing something!

  3. Ridge says:

    I may have been born a “city girl”, but I’m a farm girl at heart. I have sneaking suspicion that my long-term rental status is due to the fact that my hubby knows I’d fill any yard that was “ours” with animals of all kinds….including chickens. There’s nothing better than an omlette with fresh chicken eggs! Thought you might enjoy the excerpts from a blog I follow. I’ve read all his dog books and although he’s made some interesting detours in life that I don’t always agree with, I love his heart and his writing!

  4. Amy says:

    Well, our 5 girls are pretty cool and definitely low-maintenance. We’ve tried dogs and cats, but I guess we’re just a chicken and koi family! (although, thanks to the raccoons, we’re koi-less at the moment) Let me know if you ever want a dozen eggs. I had some eggs at a friend’s house recently…they seemed so pale!

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