it’s about much more than dirt

Lucky me! I got invited to be one of the first to read a new book by our friends Mark and Lisa McMinn. They have written several books individually, but Dirt and the Good Life is their first coauthored book. How delightful to be able to “hear” the voice of each as they take turns telling about Fern Creek!

Dirt covers various topics, all relating to Lisa and Mark’s life as CSA farmers. Turns out, even at my advanced age I could still learn a lot about relationship, chickens, dirt, honey bees, and much more. They are a team in every way imaginable, which becomes clear in the first few pages. Both have impressive academic professions apart from farming, but there’s nothing high brow about their writing. It simply comes down to dirt and the beauty they draw from it.


I gladly recommend this book but won’t try to write a review. Why would I reinvent the wheel when my friend Cherice has provided this? Thanks, Cherice!

Click here to access the same “advantage” I had in reading this book—meet Mark and Lisa and hear them tell a little about their “Good Life” and what’s in the book. Choose the 5-minute version or the 15-minute version. The flipbook is really cool too because you can see in living color all the photos included with each essay. Dirt and the Good Life: Stories from Fern Creek can be purchased on Amazon in either Kindle or soft cover.

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