Here’s why it’s so easy to look after the Andersons’ five children.


This is what I found when I went to wake up Addison at 6:45 this morning. I believe she would make her bed regardless of her parents’ value of orderliness.









None of the kids need to be nagged or reminded; they just do what’s expected of them. Even when their Gus is in charge.


The same was true of Sunday afternoon chores. Each one knows the ropes. All I had to do was admire.


2012-04-14 10.49.28


Duffy heads up the decorating team. He decorates the backyard with small mountains and the inside with a continuous all-surface coating of white puffs—and of course his very huge presence. Just like the children in this household, he never needs to be nagged or reminded about his responsibilities.


To be fair, I needed to include a picture of my bed. Mauri and I make our bed every day, so I didn’t just do this to fit in here. But you’ll notice I didn’t bother moving the extra pillows over. Who’s gonna see it anyway, huh? (Shhhh, don’t tell the kids I said that.) Boundaries prevent me from posting a picture of the parents’ bed, but you can be sure it would pass army standards.


Joe's Farm Grill 4-14-12

Just so you don’t think we’re all work and no play, here’re just a few pics of our fun. We always need to eat at Joe’s Farm Grill, walking distance from the Andersons’ home. This is the line length when we arrived.


We weren’t even up to the door yet and you can see in the window how long the line grew behind us. Worth it!


One of our traditions is to hit the Dollar Tree to shop for treasures. Each one buys, say, five treasures. We take them home and I hide them. When they’re all found, the trading begins. Paul held out with the air horn until Bailey offered him all of his treasures in trade. [insert a substantial amount of admiration for Bailey, who, though he is old enough to have a girlfriend and carry a driving permit, is still willing to participate in games with his young siblings]

A post of pictures of beds. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

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2 Responses to easy

  1. Colleen Holdahl says:

    I think the Anderson kids should visit the Holdahl house to help with chores! 😉 Enjoy your visit!

  2. Great job! Well done! Not only are you pleased but just think how they are pleasing God by doing what the Word says. Children obey your parents—even though you are in charge.
    They are really adorable! Have an awesome time with them.

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