sage’s book

I’ve been working on a little Christmas present for Sage. It doesn’t involve glue or cloth or yarn or anything crafty.

Not that I have anything against those things; in fact, I once had a home business called “Fancy That!”


Those are canning jars of “homemade” peppermint kisses (using a mold) with counted cross-stitch lids (some customized with logos). That red one in the front is PacMan. And those thingies on the left are little Kleenex tissue packs for carrying in your purse.

Yes, those were my crafty days, but now all I want to do is make things out of photographs.

Sage-front cover

Here’s the cover of the 22-page book I just ordered on Shutterfly. 40% off, free shipping, and a small percentage to Scrip helped motivate me to finish it up. They’re even good enough to give me a link where you could go and see the whole book. But the cover has her full name on it, and that would expose her a little too much to the worldwide web. So I picked out a couple of my favorite pages to show you.









If you had this many favorites, which one would you cut? See? I couldn’t either!

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3 Responses to sage’s book

  1. rachel says:

    What a sweet book–you are so talented at making those! : ) And how lucky that Sage’s parents are photographers–endless adorable shots. I love it!

  2. Janet Strokosch says:

    Sherry…you are one amazing, gifted, and talented lady! This is the most precious gift I’ve even seen. I love every page…photography is priceless, as is Sage. She’s one special litte lady too.

  3. Ridge says:

    Too cute! Don’t cut any of them!

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