I’m not exactly a cookie-baking mama anymore. But when my 35-year-old “baby” sends me an updated DPO (diplomatic post office) address with a hint for molasses cookies, I can hardly not head for the store for ingredients. OK, I confess I had the urge to job it out to one of my cookie-baking-mama friends, but would I respect myself afterward?


So today was the day. “Legendary” was my in-service taste tester’s assessment. I guess I haven’t lost my knack.

You know, you can find out how to do anything on the Internet. So I Googled “send cookies overseas” and found play-by-play instructions.


I didn’t follow them to the letter, but anyone who knows me will not be the slightest bit surprised by that revelation. I packed those cookies just like I used to pack dinner plates for the many moves I made over the course of my life—stacked upright.


All ready to take to the PO tomorrow. Taylor, let me know how they fare on their journey half way around the world. You might have to eat your cookies with a spoon, but I hope not.

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2 Responses to cookies

  1. Ridge says:

    If I move fly overseas tonight, can I have some too? 🙂

  2. Janet Strokosch says:

    Such a sweet mom…cute too! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Janet

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