surprise visitor

Just because my friend Craig commented: “Might just have to find a way to drive through Newberg to give this place a try!” on my Uprooted coupon post a couple of days ago, doesn’t mean I had the first inkling he would actually stop by the office today on his way from Phoenix to Seattle. Even having read on his blog that he’d be driving through Oregon today didn’t register a hint in my thick brain that I’d catch a glimpse of him. So with surprise of the very best kind I looked up from my desk to see the smiling face of an “old” friend standing in the doorway.


I had to put old in quotes because as you can see from the following picture, taken close to 17 years ago at Mauri’s and my wedding rehearsal picnic, Craig has not changed one iota.


Well, the glasses might make him look a little younger, but essentially he’s the same. (He and Pam spent some time with us not quite a year ago.)


Can’t say the same about me so we don’t need to go there. Tomorrow’s my birthday, and if I live through the night I will have officially reached my full retirement age—sixty six. Trust me, I will be celebrating that! Signed up for Social Security and Medicare and a Medicare supplement—all worth a celebration.


Of course I couldn’t keep the surprise to myself, so I called Mauri to come and share the fun, but he must have had a better sense of Craig’s visit—he was already on his way.

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  1. Quinn Anderson says:

    Now that is WAY cool…

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