a cool ride

Two days ago, Saturday, after hitting some garage sales, we drove around town looking for the moving hotdog stand for a bite of lunch. We were unsuccessful in that mission but oh so much more successful in finding lunch! There on the corner of 1st and River was a hand-written sign inviting us to Uprooted (food cart).


For a while now Mauri has been curious about the vintage trailer in the Chehalem Winery parking lot. So he was up for giving it a try.


This young man, Kyle, was ready to answer our questions about his new business, in its second day of operation.


The menu will grow as he experiments with what customers want. We ordered burgers and shared a side of the truffle fries.

The food was exceptional!


So good that when I suggested we switch up our Fourth of July plans to carry a picnic on a tandem ride to Champoeg State Park and start out “picnicking” at Uprooted, Mauri was right on it (because he’d had the same idea).

The menu had changed slightly, but we were both fairly well set on a repeat of the burger experience. We even chose the same table so we could watch the cars go by. Which paid off when we saw brother Howard and nephew Nate heading out of town, presumably to find lunch. Eager to share our discovery, we gave them a call to come join us.


Small-town living; you gotta love it!


Fully fueled and ready for a ride, we headed toward the French Prairie. See Mount Hood’s tip?


Six and a half miles over hill and over dale later, we arrived at our destination.


Inside the park is a heavenly walk/bike path along the Willamette River.


Another taste of the ride home. We can’t resist saying, “And we live here!”


Mount Hood still there.


Our meat comes from here, which we buy at the Newberg Farmers Market.


These cows provide our healthy organic milk.


Our least favorite part of the ride—busy highway headed for the bridge that crosses the Willamette River.


But the payoff is this lovely view of the river and remembering home isn’t too far away.

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5 Responses to a cool ride

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    Hey, I did that ride last year, a couple of times. You’re right, the bridge is spooky. And some decent hills, esp. for a tandem. Good on ya!

  2. Pam says:

    You make a person wish they could live there! Beautiful!

  3. LizW says:

    Awesome! What a great day 🙂

  4. Ridge says:

    LOVE this post! The Portland area has such a great variety of “food carts”. I love this new trend popping up all over the place. B’ham even has a few. Next time you’re in town, we gotta take you for a Man Pie! What a fun day!

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