a visit with taylor

Have I mentioned that Taylor moved to Arizona? When you’re single, it’s easy to decrease your earthly possessions, pack your car, and relocate. Today, while the kids were in school, I drove the forty minutes up to Scottsdale to see him and his “new” condo.


He invited me inside for a look at his dwelling place. It was all quite wonderful, furnished sparsely but nicely with IKEA purchases. There was only one thing wrong with it. He’d left the stickers, visible stickers, on some of his purchases!

If his house was messy or dirty, I would never impose my standards on him by complaining or cleaning or straightening. But where stickers are concerned, I went into action without the first thought of asking permission. “These have got to go!”





Didn’t I teach him anything?


I’m pretty crazy about this son of mine. He puts up with all my foibles with a lot of grace.


Little did we know when we brought back this shirt from Scottsdale, AZ, for little Taylor thirty plus years ago, he would some day be a resident. Life is just full of surprises.

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2 Responses to a visit with taylor

  1. Cheryle Takacs says:

    I love that son of yours, too. I remeber going with you to buy clothes for that trip..seems you needed a long dress for one occasion. Time has surely flown..

  2. Lisa N. says:

    Maybe he left the stickers on because he knows what joy you have in removing them! šŸ™‚

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