Sometime between October and now, our backyard had a transformation. We hired a landscaper to do it. Here’s the disaster they got to work with.


You’re right…it doesn’t look so bad from this angle.


But halfway toward the apple tree, you can see the trouble.


Roots left big gullies in the grass.


And right up to the apple tree, nothing but mud.


Lovely! Especially with a dog.


Bear with me. You’re gonna be amazed.


Are you ready?


Here’s the after of that last shot. It’s probably time to put some plants in that flower bed. Any suggestions?


Here’s a short tour of the transformed backyard.


A graveled utility area for the woodpile and other yard stuff.


Pete’s tree* got a much-needed limbcut. (*Pete planted this Douglas fir on Arbor Day in the first grade!)




Darcy’s wondering what that bright thing is in the sky.

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8 Responses to transformation

  1. Amy says:

    Looks great, you guys!

  2. Janet Marie says:

    Beautiful! Iries would look nice is that raised bed…my favorite. Anything purple of course. Thanks for the pix…a reminder that spring is coming…56 days to be exact.

  3. Rachel says:

    The yard looks wonderful! Great work, guys!

  4. Ridge says:

    WOW! We just want to know if the “fern” is still on the table on the deck?? 🙂 Garden bed looks like it’s kind of shady….helibores and hostas, bleeding heart, monkshood–shade plants all!

  5. Jolene Brown says:

    Oh, it looks absolutely beautiful!! So happy for you guys, your grandkids will love playing there this summer! 🙂

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