I was pregnant for approximately nine months three times in my younger years, yet this is this only picture I have to show for it. I can’t explain why, since I fully embraced that experience. These days, impending motherhood is celebrated in graphic ways, creatively photographed for posterity.


The first time I saw this pose, I thought it was sweet.


But pretty quick it creeped me out.



I like it a lot better when mama wears clothes.


And this is a whole lot of fun.


Son John snapped this “maternity” shot.


Well, we tried. My arms just aren’t long enough.

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3 Responses to maternity

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    I’m with you re. belly shots of pregnant women. Mom, and maybe dad, feel a baby in there. For the rest of us it’s just a big belly. Sorry, I think they’re gross. But don’t tell anyone, please. I have family who have posted them for all the world to see. So this will be our little secret, OK?

  2. Cherice says:

    hmm…was this inspired by some photos you saw recently–taken facetiously???

  3. Jen Maurer says:

    The captured expressions in that last photo are hilarious! Love it.

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